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Hi, this is your friendly neighborhood Rainfurrest Staff Wiki admin.

Thought we'd take the time to welcome you to the Rainfurrest Staff wiki. This is the repository for all information pertaining to our con and its operations. Have a look around, make changes where you see fit, and have fun.

If you want to just view the main Rainfurrest page, click here to go back.

Just as a reminder, you must log in to view any content other than this page. Please contact Kay, Angel, or your department lead in order to create a account for you to use.

As for your user info, on your user page (you'll see your name, probably in red, up at the top - that's the one), you will want to create a contact list for yourself. Fortunately, we've made that easy, and here's what you're going to do:

  1. Click on your user page link above
  2. In the empty edit field, type (or copy and paste) the following text after the bullet:
  3. Click on the Save Page button
  4. When the newly formatted page reloads, click on the Edit tab at the top, and then fill in the appropriate information as you need to.
  5. If you need help with wiki editing or formatting, visit Help, Creating new wiki pages, Editing Wiki Pages or Formatting Help. For Specific Information about RainFurrest Wiki Layout and Organization, visit RF Wiki Formatting, Titles and Names.

Doing this helps us contact you in the event that we need to.

Thanks again for helping us out!


Read the Titles and Names article before creating articles.

Please do not link to redirect pages, link to the proper name for an article.


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Information that applies ONLY to Rainfurrest 2007

Information that applies ONLY to Rainfurrest 2008

Information that applies ONLY to Rainfurrest 2009

Information that applies ONLY to Rainfurrest 2010


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