It's time to start thinking about the holidays again!

What: RF Holiday Potluck
Where: Highland Ice Arena, 18005 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline
When: Saturday, December 14, 6PM-9PM. Meeting from 6:30 to 7

Public Transportation: Route 358
Parking: Behind building. Lots of parking.

It's time to start thinking about the holidays again!

RainFurrest is pleased to host a holiday potluck party on Saturday, December 14th, from 6PM to 9PM at the Highland Ice Arena, 18005 Aurora Avenue North in Shoreline. We'd like to have a meeting between 6:30 and 7 so we can be sure to thank all of you for your help.

The potluck is in the upstairs meeting room. There is lots of parking behind the building, which is also where the entrance is. Bus route 358 stops right outside the building. There is a Fred Meyer two blocks north if you'd like to pick up food there.

RainFurrest will provide plates, silverware, glasses, and beverages. You'll need to bring your own serving utensils. Please note that the venue does not allow alcohol.

Since it's a potluck, you can use the opportunity to show off your culinary skills or your shopping prowess by bringing something yummy! Please reach out to us on our forum to let us know the type of dish you want to bring. As awesome as 50 plates of cookies would be, We're afraid we'd like a bit more variety.

But wait, there's more!!

The Highland Ice Arena is open for open ice skating from 7:30PM to 11PM. Skating is $7, and skate rental is $3. Best of all, skating in fursuit is allowed!

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