RAIn Board


Rainfurrest Anthropomorphics International


The non-profit Corporation “Rainfurrest Anthropomorphics International” also known as RAIn exists primarily for the purpose of holding events to facilitate education in anthropormorphic literature, art, and culture, and to facilitate the donation of funds to non-profit institutions that the board declares are worthy.

Currently the board members and offices are:

  • President – Gene  Armstrong
  • Vice President – Lance “Rex” Hathaway
  • Treasurer – Serena “Tigress” Spaulding
  • Secretary – Ed “Foxworth” Walker
  • Member at large– Rob “Aphinity” Harrison
  • Member at large– Kyle “Kay” Fox
  • Member at large – Tami “Ducky” Hatfield
  • Member at large – Adam “Lumio” Bird
  • Member at large – John “Caladon” Nouska
  • Furlandia representative – Matthew “Vex” Lavrinovich

The board can be contacted via email at board@rainfurrest.com

Effective Apr/2017

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