RainFurrest 2015 - Swords and Sorcery.

Come thou writers, artists, fursuiters, gamers, musicians, puppeteers, and furries all! Thou art all herewith invited to this special time; to a place filled with the fruits of kinship, mirthfulness, and joy; to a place which verily glows with the charm which hast truly filled each to the marrow! Come, and let the joy of life take hold of thee, as we all do rejoice in our thriving culture together!

December 20th 2016 - Annual RainFurrest Holiday Party

On December 17th RAIn had the annual RainFurrest Holiday Party at the Highland Ice Arena in Shoreline. We had furries from all over the Pacific Northwest brave the stormy weather to come out and celebreate the most joyous of seasons together.

Photos courtesy DragonsflyPhoto

December 20th 2016 - Website Migration

Those who check the RF website periodically might notice a drastic change in appearence and function - because of some incompatibilities with the WordPress platform that was being used to host the RF2016 content, the RF Web and IT Teams elected to migrate some of that content back to the platform used for RF2015 and before, until a new RF Convention Committee is formed to plan a future RainFurrest.

June 30th 2016 - RainFurrest 8th Annual Summer BBQ

Thank you all for attending the RainFurrest 8th Annual Summer BBQ. We were incredibly surprised by all 157 furry fans and friends who made the trek down to Richmond Beach. It was a pleasure to meet you all! Special kudos to the few fans and friends who arrived early, and stayed long after everything wound down to aid with cleanup! Greatly appreciated.

We would like to applaud Gene Armstrong (gene@rainfurrest.org), and his team of volunteers, for their hard work. There was plenty of great food, and everyone was well taken care of. And, thank you to the two dozen fans who shared their pot-luck dishes, and homemade treats. It was all quite wonderful! Whomever arrived with the magnificent miniature cupcakes, we offer you many blessings. They were fantastic!

We look forward to next year!

BBQ Group Picture

February 5th 2016 - An Important Message about RainFurrest 2016

Hello Fans!

As many of you know, RainFurrest has been in search of a new venue since October 2015. We have discussed and explored facilities in many wonderful areas, finding options with a number of excellent venues in Greater Seattle and western Washington state. Our hard-working hotel team has fought for every possible option that would suit what our fans want out of RainFurrest. Tonight, the last of those options has closed to us.

It is our sombre duty to inform you that our efforts to locate a viable convention and hotel space for 2016 have not been successful. We do not feel any additional options will present themselves in time to successfully plan and hold the event. As a result, the RainFurrest Anthropomorphics International (RAIn) board of directors have voted not to host RainFurrest 2016.

We appreciate your support through our very challenging transition, and we extend our sincere thanks to everyone, especially our staff volunteers, who devoted their time, effort, and thoughts to us. We will continue to work on future locations and dates and we will return when we know the situation is right for our fans.

We will be issuing further details regarding refunds and other remaining issues in the near future. Please wait for more details before contacting us about this.  If you have any questions or comments about the decision, please email board@rainfurrest.org, or their new Twitter or Facebook Page profiles.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future!

A note from our hotel liaison... - September 9th 2015

If you have a reservation with the Hilton, please don't try to make changes to your reservation through the website until further notice. There is a bug in Hilton's software that will remove it from the room block and reset your room reservation to the non-convention rate. If this happens to you, please contact hotel@rainfurrest.com with your reservation number. The Hilton is aware of the problem and is working with us to resolve problems as we become aware of them. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

August Website Update Roundup - August 20th 2015

RF BBQ Pictures!
At the end of July, RainFurrest had its annual BBQ out at Richmond Saltwater Park in Shoreline, about 60 intrepid people braved the clouds and wind, and came out to celebrate summer in a uniquely Seattle way. You can see the pictures on the 2015 RF BBQ page.

Artist Alley Rules Update
Just a slight update, no real changes here - the only big change is that signup is now in ConOps this year, As before, you have to sign up the morning of, and not before 6:30 AM, you can check out the particulars on the Artist Alley page.

Art Show Bidders Agreement and Hours
Want to buy artwork at the RainFurrest Art Show? Well, to help you out, we've put both the hours for the Art Show and our new for 2015, comprehensive bidders agreement for the Art Show, you can check it out over on the Art Show page.

Dealers Den Hours and Map
We've put our Dealers Den Hours and Map online - you can check them out on the Dealers Den page.

2015 Schedule of Events online
Last but not least, we've released our schedule via the Sched app for 2015, it has a complete copy of our schedule of events - but as a note it's subject to change, you can check our all the great stuff we have in store this year on our Schedule of Events page.

For further RF 2015 updates please visit Our Archive Page