RainFurrest 2015 Guests of Honor

Artist Guest of Honor - Jan

Jan is a comic artist and illustrator from Hong Kong best known for his webcomics "College Catastrophe" and "Swords and Sausages", and his art for the collectible card game "Tails and Tactics".

Jan began drawing comics at an early age and was fascinated with storytelling and bringing characters to life. Growing up moving between Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States, he often found inspiration from his surroundings, which he attempted to document in humorous ways: the more sound effects, the better. Jan discovered the furry fandom in 2000, and began drawing a semi-autobiographical comic about college life soon after, not realizing the merging of these two interests would lead him seriously into art and eventually a fine arts degree, and his work appearing in picture books, TV animation, and games.

Jan hopes his art will supply the world with more laughter and inspire others to do the same.

Website - http://www.tigerknight.com/
Fur Affinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cartoonwolf
DeviantART - http://tigerknightcomics.deviantart.com
Weasyl - http://www.weasyl.com/~tigerknight

Writing Guest of Honor - Poetigress

Renee Carter Hall ("Poetigress") discovered a love for anthropomorphic fiction early in life with The Velveteen Rabbit and stories from Beatrix Potter, so when she started writing her own stories, of course talking animals often played a role. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous publications inside and outside the fandom, including the furry anthologies ROAR, Trick or Treat, Five Fortunes, PULP!, and both volumes of Different Worlds, Different Skins. Her medieval fantasy novel By Sword and Star, published by Anthro Dreams, won the 2012 Cóyotl Award for Best Novel, and she also serves as the current president of the Furry Writers' Guild.

Renee lives in West Virginia with her husband, where she's hard at work on her next novel (when she's not watching cat videos online).

Website - http://www.reneecarterhall.com
Fur Affinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/poetigress
Twitter - @RCarterHall

Fursuit Guest of Honor - RedHyena

RedHyena is a fursuit builder born and raised in rural eastern Oregon. He showed an early interest in anything mechanical on the ranch he grew up on playing with engines and electrical parts whenever he could while also spending time around all the animals. Fast forward to high school, he excelled in art and mechanics and began helping with the drama department. Building costumes and was given extra privileges by teachers to work on projects before and after school. During those years he discovered the furry fandom and begin to interact with others who liked playing with animal characters. By his 2004 graduation RedHyena had created several furry bronze sculptures that won first place a state wide school art competition.

RedHyena completed his first fursuit Kenoa late 2007 and quickly became obsessed with fursuiting. He has since quit his office day job managing telecommunication databases to found his own studio RedHyena Art and become a full time fursuit and animatronics builder this year and has high hopes of pushing the limits of what a fursuit can do in the coming years.


Music Guest of Honor - Amadhia Albee

Amadhia Albee was born into a small farming community in Michigan. By the early 90's she'd launched her singing career, performing Celtic repertoire in the Los Angeles area.

In 1994, she put music on the back-burner to pursue a full-time career as a character animator and visual effects supervisor and producer (under the name "Timothy Albee") working for studios including Walt Disney Feature Animation, NBC/Universal, and Activision. She contributed to many hit shows of the period. Her credits include Battlestar Galactica (for which she won a Peabody Award), Babylon 5, Dinosaur, and many others.

In 2001, Amadhia left Hollywood to dedicate what would become five years solely to her arts. From her one-room cabin on the edge of the last American frontier north of Fairbanks, Alaska, with neither running water nor indoor plumbing, she ran a team of sled-dogs on trails that sometimes carried her above the Arctic Circle. In isolation, she devoted herself to painting wildlife, and to the creation and scoring of her beloved, award-winning animated short film and its soundtrack, Kaze: Ghost Warrior.

Kaze is still in her heart, she's advanced the ronin Tiger's story through an illustrated radio drama, Kaze: Winds of Change, but she has redirected her creative energy back to the professional music scene, both writing and singing.

Returning to music full time in 2013, she has since recorded at London's legendary Abbey Road Studios with other Rainfurrest favorites Alexander James Adams and Fox Amoore on Fox's Come Find Me project. Amadhia has headlined at major events in Berlin (Germany), Chicago, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Phoenix, and Perth (Australia) and has just released her latest original music album Not Quite Human.

We're delighted to honor the creativity and performing talent of Amadhia as this year's Rainfurrest Musical Guest of Honor.

You can visit her website at http://www.amadhia.com