RainFurrest 2015 Art Show

Every year RainFurrest features a art show where artists of all kinds can display and sell their artwork. Take a look below for all the rules and details about participating and registering for the art show for 2015.

Art Show Hours

Thursday - Noon to 7:00 PM
Friday - 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday - 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM - For Art Pick-up.

Reserving Art Show Space

The RainFurrest Art Show is open for applications, to apply online, please click here

Art Show panels are $10 each. Our panels are approximately 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall; they are pegboards and we will be providing hardware such as hooks and clips for hanging your art on the panels. There will also be an 10% commission fee on all sales in the Art Show.

Half tables are also available for $10 for artists who wish to show 3D artwork. The 10% commission fee also applies.

Signing up for the Art Show constitutes acceptance of the RainFurrest Art Show Artist Terms and RainFurrest Conduct Policy.

Art Show Requirements

All artists who wish to display their work in the RainFurrest Art Show are required to be registered Attending or Supporting Members.

If you will not be attending the convention, but will be sending your art to be placed in our show by an agent, we will allow it given explicit permission by you prior to the convention. You will be required to be a registered Supporting Member (or higher) and your agent will be required to be a registered Attending Member (or higher) as well. Agents will hang your art in your stead and manage all business transactions in your place, so please do not appoint someone whom you do not thoroughly trust to account for your business.

Room Layout

RainFurrest Art Show - Bidder Terms

How to Bid

  1. To register as a bidder for art show, proceed to a kiosk and enter in the name you registered as for the con.
    • Once you have completed registration, you will be issued stickers with your bidder number
      • Your bidder number will be different than your con registration number
    • To place a bid, simply place a sticker on the next open line on a bid tag.
    • Beside the bid sticker, enter in the amount you wish to bid for the item.
      • Minimum increment for all bids is $5
    • Bid tags can have two prices, minimum bid price and Buy It Now price.
      • If you are the first bidder, and select the Buy It Now price, you have won the item.
      • Once an item has a bid, the Buy It Now price no longer applies. The item may sell above the Buy It Now price
  2. If there are four bids on a piece, it will be open for further bids at the voice auction. If there are no voice bids at the auction, the piece will be sold for the highest written bid.
    • Pieces with three or fewer written bids will be sold for the highest written bid.
    • All bids are final.

Bidder Rules

  1. Placing a bid is a promise to buy an item at the price entered. Placing bids for other people, placing joke bids, defacing bid tags and not paying for artwork can be grounds to ban the bidder from the Art Show.
    • Any spoiled bidder tags will be replaced by Art Show staff as soon as possible.
  2. To protect the art, absolutely no touching of artwork.
  3. Photography, unless given explicit permission by the artist, is prohibited within Art Show.
    • If you are taking pictures for an artist, please notify the Art Show staff first and provide your information.
  4. No food, drink, bags, or cameras are allowed within Art Show. These items must be checked at the door before convention attendees will be allowed to enter.
  5. To enter the Adult Section, all attendees are subject to a badge or ID check.
  6. Art show will be open on Thursday for a preview only basis. Bidding will be available from opening on Friday until an hour before closing on Saturday.
    • If Art Show staff find that the space is overcrowded, convention attendees not actively bidding will be asked to leave to ensure the safety of people and artwork.
    • Status of bids will be made available at kiosks at any time and will be posted outside the art show as soon as possible after bidding closes.
    • During the final hour the art show is open on Saturday, only offers accepted will be items that have no bids and a Buy It Now price.
  7. Buyer pickup will occur after the voice auction on Sunday. All items are subject to Washington sales tax. RainFurrest is able to accept cash and credit card only.
  8. During the final half hour of bidder pickup, Art Show staff has the option of selling any remaining items to the second highest bidder.