RainFurrest 2014 Travel Information

We have recently rearranged our website, if your looking for information about how to book a room at RainFurrest, please visit our hotel page for more information!

Main Hotel - Address and Location

    Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center

    17620 International Blvd.
    Seattle, Washington, United States 98188-4001
    Tel: +1 (206) 244-4800

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Travel Insurance

It's highly recommended to our international visitors to purchase travel insurance/travel health insurance.

Calling Frequency

If you are a Ham Radio Operator, bring your 2 Meter Radio. RainFurrest is announcing 146.58 as a calling frequency for convention attendees, while we can't promise anyone from the convention staff will be monitoring, many of us are Hams and have Dual Band radios.


Depending on how you are attending and where you are staying, parking costs can vary a little, for example if you are a guest at the Hilton - Parking is $8 per night for overnight guests and if you drive in just for the day, Parking is $10 a day.

From the Airport

Shuttle service is available from the airport to the hotel, just use the provided courtesy phones to contact the hotel, or contact the hotel directly by telephone. However, if you do not want to use the shuttle and would prefer to walk, simply find your way to the light rail platform and exit to the International Blvd side. (The walkway is located on the 4th floor of the main parking structure, across from the terminal.)

Public Transit and Rail Options

The Puget Sound Region is particularly well connected by public and private transit, we have taken some time to outline some options for you to get to RainFurrest without having to drive your car.


AMTRAK offers a variety of service to the Pacific Northwest. The Empire Builder service from points east, Coast Starlight services from Los Angeles through California and Oregon, and the Cascades route will service the Pacific Northwest from Bellingham and into Vancouver, as far south as Eugene, OR. All trains will connect at Seattle King Street Station, at the south end of downtown. From here, it's a short walk to the Link Light Rail station across 4th Ave S from King Street Station - exit the station to Jackson Street (upstairs exit), turn left, and cross in front of Union Station to get to the nearest tunnel station entry (International District). Make sure you go to the southbound side!

If you take the Amtrak Cascades, be mindful that Tukwila is an unmanned platform, and has no checked baggage service. If you are checking your baggage, go to Seattle.


The Sounder is our local "heavy rail" commuter train with two routes - one from Lakewood to downtown Seattle on the south run, and downtown Seattle to Everett on the north run, and both operate during peak hours. If you are in those areas and want to save some money, this is a good option. From the south line, exit the train at Tukwila, and take Metro 180 to the Airport light rail station; from the north, you can simply transfer as above from King Street to the light rail with one exception - use the stairwells on the train platforms to exit to 4th Ave S, and there is a walkway that will get you to the street level entrance for the International District station. Fares vary: for fare and schedule information, please see Sound Transit's Sounder website.


The Greyhound station is on 9th and Stewart at the north end of downtown Seattle; your nearest Link Light Rail station will be the Westlake transit tunnel station. To get there, follow 9th Ave to Pine (two blocks), turn right on Pine, and walk four blocks to 5th Street. The station is on the northwest corner of 5th and Pine, and is adjacent to the signs for the Seattle Center Monorail. Make sure you use the southbound platform - watch the signs, and don't be afraid to ask questions of the posted security guards!

via Light Rail from Downtown

Seattle's light rail runs from downtown Seattle directly to the airport. When you get to the airport station, exit the train and proceed to the International Blvd. exit,which will take you through a pedestrian sky bridge. The Hilton is across the street, and the front entrance is about a two minute walk from the light rail station elevators as you exit. Ticket vending machines are located at the mezzanines of all tunnel stations except the International District station, where they can be found at street level - make sure you pay your fare before you board. As of June 2013, fare from downtown Seattle to the airport is $2.75.

Quick Shuttle Airport Shuttle

If you are coming from Vancouver, BC or Northern Washington State the Quick Shuttle runs from Vancouver right to the Seatac Airport. It runs up to 8 times a day. There are multiple pickup and drop off locations including downtown Vancouver, downtown Seattle, and Bellingham airport. All Quick Shuttles include free WiFi and super comfortable seats.

Pices run from $30 to $80 depending on pickup and drop off location. If you are traveling from Canada you will need a valid passport or enhanced drivers license to travel with quick shuttle.

Book online on their website at least 24 hours in advance. http://www.quickcoach.com/

Using Park and Ride

If parking is full, you may be able to park at a park and ride location, and take a bus to the hotel. Please note, however, that there are regulations: in particular, you can only leave your car at a King County park and ride for up to 72 hours, you cannot use the park and ride if you are not using a bus, the park and ride is not to be used for auxiliary hotel parking (it's used so you can park your car and take a bus in each day), and both Rainfurrest and King County Metro are NOT responsible if your car is damaged, broken into, or stolen. If you are staying at the hotel, you should use hotel parking.

Other Transit Information

If you live in the greater Seattle area and are simply using public transportation, all the information you need can be found at http://metro.kingcounty.gov and http://www.soundtransit.org. In addition, Google Maps now has transit information for King County Metro - however, for other areas, your mileage may vary. As the hotel is adjacent to the Airport Light Rail station, your best service options are the light rail (downtown Seattle to the airport), RapidRide A line (from Federal Way), Metro 156 (Tukwila Station - Seatac Airport), 180 (Burien - Seatac - Kent - Auburn), and Sound Transit 574 (Seatac Airport - Federal Way - Tacoma - Lakewood).