RainFurrest 2014 VIP/SLIP Memberships

Returning for 2014 is our Very Impressive Package, and our Slightly Less Impressive Package! The only difference between the two is that VIP one comes with a week-long stay at the hotel included with your membership so you can have the best RainFurrest experience ever!

Both the VIP ($1300) and the SLIP ($400) bundles include: 
  • Patron Membership - A patron membership to the event, and all the fancy features that come with it!
  • Ice Cream Social - A ticket to the ice cream social (comes with patron membership).
  • Free T-Shirt - A free T-shirt in the size of your choice (comes with patron membership).
  • Guest of Honor Dinner Ticket - A ticket to the guest of honor dinner (comes with patron membership).
  • Coveted GOLD pin - The coveted GOLD RainFurrest pin (comes with patron membership).
  • The Space Needle - Two trips to the top within 24 hours--come to see the city and surroundings by day, and again at night. it's very pretty!
  • Seattle Aquarium - General admission to all exhibits and lots of interpretive shows. Come see the divers interacting with the fish--from underwater!
  • Pacific Science Center - General admission to all exhibits and one regular or 3-D IMAX movie (special commercial showings excluded). The tropical butterfly house and interactive exhibits are lots of fun!
  • Experience Music Project (EMP) - General admission to all exhibits. Come mix up some Jimi Hendrix tracks, or follow the history of Nirvana in photos and collectibles! Or, if you're more of a sci-fi fan, check out all the sci-fi props on display. Maybe even explore the lure of horror films and figure out why it always pulls us in.
  • Argosy Harbor Cruise - A one-hour narrated shipboard tour that circles the harbor and the outlying bay. Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains!
  • One of the following: the Woodland Park Zoo, or the Museum of Flight. -- Or, if you want to do both, you can visit one and use your ticket stub to get a discount at the other!
  • Personalized, furry tour of Museum of Flight - If you decide you want to do the museum of flight, then North has agreed to take you on a personalized, knowledgeable tour of the museum of flight.
  • An ORCA (Seattle transit) card pre-loaded with $30. - The Seattle Link Light Rail line is right outside the Hilton hotel to take you into Seattle--convenient and fast! If you find yourself running low, you can refill your ORCA card at any of the fare stations along the Link. Works on buses, too!
  • Early Entry to Theatre - With your membership, you'll get never seen before early access to the events theatre. This access will let you in BEFORE everyone is ready. You can use your VIP/SLIP membership to enter the theatre up to 10 minutes before a show, and see all the last minute behind the curtain action that is going on. Please be aware that you will need to remain in the seating area and keep out of the way of the theatrical staff, the last few minutes before curtain call can be a stressful place, this means there could be profanity or other harsh language.
  • Two Seat Reservations - In your packet, you will be given two seat reservations, you can use for yourself and a friend. You can go into a theatre event before the doors open, and place your seat reservations where you want, and can then go back to waiting in lines with your non VIP/SLIP friends.
  • A special gift - A special gift for VIP and SLIP guests which will remain a surprise at this time.
  • Extra-early registration check-in - For VIP guests and people staying with VIP guests (you will need to inform us which VIP you're staying with), your membership badge and all your goodies will be waiting for you at the hotel registration so that you can start your con experience right away!
  • Payment Plan - Contact registration if you need to pay in instalments and arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.
The VIP package includes everything above, PLUS:
  • 7 Nights Accommodation at Hilton Seattle Airport - You choose one of three check-in dates, and you will get to stay 7 nights in the hotel. (Normally well over $1000 on its own, you get it for only the $900 price difference between VIP and SLIP.) You cannot get our discounted price for all seven nights by any other means.
  • A Second Special Gift - Our VIP members will recieve one or more additional surprise gift(s) over and above the gift that they already get for the Slightly Less Impressive Package.
  • For our friends from NordicFuzzCon If you feel hot and steamy after your con, why not come join us here in the Rainfurrest! Also, since you're such a keen reader, here is a secret clue for your mystery: The tabloids reveal that Waldo tried to rekindle his romance with Lady regina the night before the con by reading his awful poetry to her. He was last seen running away from her mansion pursued by her pet flesh eating plant.
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