RainFurrest 2014 Guests of Honor

Writing Guest of Honor - Kyell Gold

Kyell Gold began writing furry fiction a long, long time ago.

In the early days of the 21st century, he got up the courage to write some gay furry romance, first publishing his story "The Prisoner's Release" in Sofawolf Press's adult magazine "Heat." He has since won twelve Ursa Major awards for his stories and novels, and his acclaimed novel "Out of Position" co-won the Rainbow Award for Best Gay Novel of 2009. His novel "Green Fairy" was nominated for inclusion in the ALA's "Over the Rainbow" list for 2012.

He was not born in California, but now considers it his home. He loves to travel and dine out with his husband Kit Silver, and can be seen at furry conventions around the world. More information about him and his books is available at http://www.kyellgold.com

Artist Guest of Honor - Egypt Urnash

Margaret Trauth (née Paul) was born in New Orleans in the beginning of the 1970s. She spent a lot of time drawing and playing with computers as she grew up. Around 2000, she moved to Los Angeles to enter the animation industry, which mostly involved pioneering Flash animation at Spümcø. Somewhere in there she discovered the furry fandom and started pretending to be a dragon on the internet.

Nowadays she lives in Seattle, where she's hard at work on a comic book about a robot lady who's dragged outside of reality by her ex-boyfriend. She still likes to pretend to be a dragon You can visit her webpage at http://egypt.urnash.com/

Music Guest of Honor - Pepper Coyote

Pepper was born in a small town in Northwestern PA. He grew up hating everything and naturally became a musician. Since the age of 17 he's been sitting in a room somewhere yelling, strumming, and howling into a microphone. Oddly enough he found an audience in the furry fandom just a couple years later.

In college he started a band called Look Left which played at just about every con on the Eastern part of the US, including Anthrocon, FAU, Furstivus, Midwest Fur Fest, Furthemore, and Western PA Furry Weekend. That was all well and good but eventually, everyone graduated. So now what? We have this ginger idiot bobbling around from one convention to another, but without a band, they won't let him on stage anymore! Well he thought of that.

At the beginning of 2014, Pepper picked up a looper pedal, along with a few other gadgets and took a trip out to the woodshed. A month or two later he had emerged with a brand new show that included dance, RnB, and even Dubstep influences. The music he'd written for Look Left was still there, but things were different. Luckily, people seemed to like it.

It's a new show, a new tour, and a new coastline for Pepper. He really hopes you will come to his concert. It's a really, really big room and it gets lonely in there.

Hear more at www.lookleft.us

Fursuit Guest of Honor - Croc

Croc became a fan of mascots in his teens and realized not long after that one of his biggest desires was to become a large fuzzy animal and entertain people. After an unsuccessful bid to be the University of Florida's mascot, he finally got his first suit at the age of 24 and helped to found the California Bay Area fursuiting organization Critters By The Bay soon after. Since then, he's performed as both famous cartoon characters and sports mascots as well as his own cast of characters, at All-Star Games, hospitals, children's parks, for internet commercials and television programs.

When not causing havoc as an animal, Croc's other major lifelong passion is music. He loves to create remixes and mashups and has DJ'ed under the alias of AudioDile for well over a decade. In addition to regular appearances at San Francisco's Frolic Party, his sets have been heard at AC, FC, FCN, BLFC, MFF, Megaplex, Eurofurence and of course, RainFurrest, You can hear his work at www.audiodile.com.