RainFurrest 2014 Events

Schedule of Events

Check out the tentative Schedule of Events

DJ Schedule

      Thursday     Genre     Friday     Genre    
20:00-21:00     DJ Stryder     House     ??         
21:00-22:00     Shimii     Progrssive     Retro Night         
22:00-23:00     B4RKSQUAD     Electro/Moombah              
23:00-00:00     P-Dawg     Trap     Microdile     House    
00:00-01:00     Kitsune?     Hard Dance     Earvelvet vs ValleyRux     House/Dance/Prog    
01:00-02:00     Skunkiebutt     Hardcore     Recca     Multi-Genre    
02:00-03:00               Tekfox     Trap    
     Saturday     Genre     Sunday     Genre    
20:00-21:00               DJ Oven     House, Electro, Dance    
21:00-22:00               Ra1nmaker     Multi-genre    
22:00-23:00     Takum     Progressive     Cohn Jonner     Electro, dnb    
23:00-00:00     Oddy     Multi-genre     Rotten Robbie     Electro / Dubstep / Trap    
00:00-01:00     Akonite vs Bloodwiser     Multi-genre              
01:00-02:00     Ezo vs Tigon     Electro/Melbourne              
02:00-03:00     Dantee     Drum & Bass              

Opening Ceremonies

The Opening Ceremonies are our way of kicking off the convention. Come meet this year's staff and get all the details on the weekend's events and activities before you head off to explore all that RainFurrest has to offer! This year Opening Ceremonies are at 6:00 PM on Thursday the 25th.

Guest Of Honor Dinner

Join the RainFurrest staff and board as they honor our guests at the annual Guest of Honor Dinner. Held every RainFurrest this event is our way of making our guests feel special.

This year our menu will offer a choice of Fish, Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian meals and tickets can be purchased through our registration kiosk Details about the menu will be announced later in the year, but have historically included, a beef options, a chicken option, a fish option and a vegetarian option

Dance Competition Rules.

Interested in the Dance Competition, check out the rules here.

Digital Calendar

RainFurrest has worked out a unique system using Google Calendar to deliver schedule information directly to your Smartphone or Slate, for information on how to set this up, please visit the Digital Calendar section of our webpage

RainFurrest Variety Show

Do you like to perform? Do you have that favorite Monty Python sketch you would like to do in fursuit, or that musical number you have been practicing for months? Well here is your chance to show off your performing skills in RainFurrest's annual variety show.

Performing is open to all registered members of the convention with performances big and small. Bring your sketches, your musical numbers, your comedic or dramatic stylings and give everyone a night to remember.

Full details on act submission rules and rehearsal times will be posted here soon