Welcome to RainFurrest 2014 - Cyberpunk.

September 25th - Electronic Conbook

New for 2014 we have an electronic copy of the conbook available - suitable both for viewing and printing, check it out on the conbook page.

August 31st 2014 - Ingress at RainFurrest

Do you play Ingress? Do you want to play while at RF? Check out our Facebook for more information about how - you can even get your own custom badge with your Ingress username on it.

August 26th 2014 - Late August Website Update Roundup

Folks! We now have the Charity Information and Dance Competition pages online in addition, the first tentative schedule is now live check it out on the Schedule page. Also, there are only two meetings left - and if you've ever had an interest in seeing how a convention works or joining staff, now has never been a better time to get involved with RainFurrest! We have positions open for every level of interest and experience, If your interested, you can email information@rainfurrest.com or feel free to attend any of our upcoming meetings!

  • September 6th 2014 - Tenth Meeting, SeaTac Hilton - 1:00p - 4:00p
  • September 20th 2014 - Eleventh Meeting, SeaTac Hilton - 1:00p - 4:00p

    Just a note, Registration closes on September 1st 2014.

    August 16th 2014 - Conbook Submissions!

    Folks! Conbook submissions have been extended to August 18th - if you previously had trouble emailing, resend your submission to publications@rainfurrest.com - For more details about how to submit check out the Conbook Page.

    August 9th 2014 - RainFurrest Summer BBQ Pictures.

    Sparky was nice enough to send us an archive of pictures taken at the 2014 BBQ, go take a look at them here.

    July 29th 2014 - Conbook Submissions!

    Folks! Conbook submissions are open now! The deadline is tight however, all submissions are due by August 15th! - For more details check out the Conbook Page.

    June 26th 2014 - Website Update Roundup.

    Folks! We have a whole raft of updates today - DJ Applications are now open from now until 11:59PM July 31st, 2014, you can get the app here. Also, our Art Show is now sold out, We have a waiting list, as well as a list of artists in the show on the Art Show page.

    June 18th 2014 - ALAA Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony to be Presented at RainFurrest 2014

    RainFurrest is pleased to announce it will be hosting 2014 ALAA Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony at RF2014.

    The ALAA Hall of Fame Award was started in 2012 to honor people who were crucial to the formation of furry fandom as what it is today, for example, Walt Disney, or fictional characters like Bugs Bunny, or just plain things like the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams. An honoree could be a writer, artist, a favorite anthro animal character, a book, a movie, TV series, or someone or something else that usually you don't think of, until somebody mentions their name and most people will say, "Oh, yeah, sure -- how could we have overlooked him, or her, or it?"

    In 2012 the ALAA honored, Walt Disney, Bugs Bunny, and Richard Adams' Watership Down were honored. In 2013 the ALAA honored, the novella Animal Farm by George Orwell, the novel Pride of Chanur by C. J. Cherryh, and the 1973 animated movie "Robin Hood" by the Walt Disney Studios.

    In 2014, three more honorees will be inducted to Hall of Fame.

    April 27th 2014 - New Guests of Honor and their Biographies

    Folks! - We're happy to announce Pepper Coyote as our Music Guest of Honor - and Croc as our Fursuit Guest of Honor - You can check out their biographies on the GOH Page.

    March 14th 2014 - Dealers Den Map and GOH Biographies

    Folks! - a couple quick website updates - we now have a map and table locations up for the Dealers room , and we've posted biographies for our first two Guests of Honor - Kyell Gold and Egypt Urnash - check them out at the GOH Page.

    March 7th 2014 - March Website Rollup

    Fuzzies! - a quick series of website updates! Art Show has posted an inital list of artists appearing. We now have an overflow hotel, visit the Hotel Page for more information, and the July meeting has moved from the 19th to the 26th - check out the Meeting Schedule for our full list of meetings or the volunteer for more about volunteering for RainFurrest. As always, if you have questions, please check out our FAQ and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

    December 27th 2013 - End of Year Website Updates.

    Fuzzies! - a bunch of news! The dealers room has sold out for 2014, thanks to all who applied. The VIP and SLIP Memberships have gone on sale again, and there were a handfull of small updates to the hotel and travel pages. As always, we are looking for more volunteers, and the next RainFurrest staff meeting is January 11th 1pm at the Seattle Airport Hilton - check out the Meeting Schedule for our full list of meetings or the volunteer for more about volunteering for RainFurrest. As always, if you have questions, please check out our FAQ and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    November 1st 2013 - RF2014 Holiday Party - December 14th 2013

    Check out the information about our RF 2014 Holiday Party - See you all there!

    October 1st 2013 - Thanks for a great year - and on to 2014!

    Thanks everyone for attending RainFurrest 2013 - Dancing in the Moonlight. We had another year of record growth, bringing us to 2202 attendees, a growth of 497 attendees! Again, thank you all for attending and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

    We will be getting Pre-Reg for 2014 going soon, and launching our new website as well, Our theme for next year is Cyberpunk featuring Egypt Urnash as Artist Guest of Honor and Kyell Gold as Writing Guest of Honor.