Fur-ocity - Thursday - September 26th 2013

Raverfurs get your fix here as the harder Genre's are represented on our Thursday night dance.
Genres: Hard Electro, Hard Dance, Hardcore, Drum & Bass.

Time DJ Genre
21:00 Coldwar - Denver, CO Electro
21:45 KITsuNe DJ - Seattle, WA Hard Dance
22:30 Skunkiebutt - Seattle, WA UK Hardcore
23:15 Dantee - St Louis, MO Drum and Bass
00:00 Genki - Virginia Beach, VA Hardcore, Drum & Bass
01:00 b.beau - Pittsburgh, PA/Seattle, WA Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Gabber
01:45 EZO - Seattle, WA Drum & Bass
02:30 R!OT - Pasco, WA Electro

Feral Bass - Friday - September 27th 2013

Ok you party animals, please try and keep your fur on until you make it through the doors.'
Genres: Progressive, trance, breaks, Electro, Trap, DnB, Hip Hop, Hellectro.

Time DJ Genre
21:00 Shimi - Vancouver, WA Progressive
21:45 Takum - Orlando, FL Trance, Psy-trance
22:30 DragonBoy - Huntsville, AL Breaks
23:15 Eleziek - Indianapolis, IN House, Electro, Trance
00:00 Kihu - Los Angeles, CA Jump-Up, DnB, Trap, Electro
01:00 Wild Rhymes - Seattle, WA/Orlando, FL Original Furry hip-hop debut
01:30 Recca B2B Tigon - Seattle, WA Multi-Genre
02:30 Cohn Jonner - Bay Area, CA Electro
03:15 Bloodwiser - Seattle, WA Hellectro (Electro/IndustrialAggrotech fusion)

Animal House - Saturday - September 28th 2013

After 2 years of smashing success, the FtR retro night returns followed by a line up of some of the fandom's TOP DJs.
Genres: 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, Top 40, House, Club, Hip Hop, R&B.

Time DJ Genre
21:00 Fur the Record - Seattle, WA Retro Night
23:00 Firr - Chicago, IL Top 40, multinational
00:00 Akonite B2B EarVelvet - Vancouver, BC | Vancouver, WA House, Club, Electro
01:00 Rawkzorz B2B Barksquad! - Chicago, IL | Orange County, CA Electro
02:00 AudioDile - San Jose, CA Electro, Nu disco, Complextro, Progressive
02:45 Bucker Fuskyote - Danville, CA House
03:30 amdog - San Jose, CA Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B

RainFurrest 2013 DJ Schedule

Dead Dog - Sunday - September 29th 2013

Typically for the zombified who just happen to still be roaming, the Rainfurrest Dead Dog is not to be missed as it is RAMMED PACKED with some of the hottest up and coming djs in the fandom, as well as some seasoned veterans to anchor the night.
Genres: House, Electro, Breaks, Garage, Progressive, Dubstep, trap, Moombah

Time DJ Style
19:00 Digi-Pig - Vancouver, BC House, Techno, Electro, Acid House
19:45 Hank Peters - Atlanta, GA / Maryland House, Breaks, Garage, UK Bass, Trap
20:30 DJ Goober - Edmonton, AB Tech-House, Trance, Breaks, Minimal
21:15 VallyRux - San Jose, CA Progressive House, Electro House
22:00 DJ Akami - Seattle, WA Dubstep, Trap
22:45 DJ SparklesDJ Sparkles - Seattle, WA Electro-House, Trap, Dubstep, Moomba
23:30 OneLuvOneLuv - Vancouver, BC Trap, dubstep, moombahton
00:15 IkkumaIkkuma - Santa Cruz, CA Progressive, breaks, trance, nu-disco, electro
01:00 DeGMGeDM - Vancouver, BC Electro, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Techno
01:45 Dr. NikolaiDr. Nikolai - Seattle, WA Multigenre
02:30 Rainbow RatRainbow Rat - Seattle, WA Dubstep, 90s techno, trance