Come one, Come all...

Writers, Artists, Fursuiters, Gamers, Musicians, and Puppeteers, from all corners of the country and beyond; you are invited to this special weekend. A place filled with friendship, laughter, and joy; a place that glows with the magic inside each and every one of us. Let the joy of life take hold of you and guide your body to the dance floor where we rejoice our thriving culture through to the dawn.

News and Updates

October 1st 2013 - Thanks for a great year - and on to 2014!

Thanks everyone for attending RainFurrest 2013 - Dancing in the Moonlight. We had another year of record growth, bringing us to 2202 attendees, a growth of 497 attendees! Again, thank you all for attending and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

We will be getting Pre-Reg for 2014 going soon, and launching our new website as well, Our theme for next year is Cyberpunk featuring Egypt Urnash as Artist Guest of Honor and Kyell Gold as Writing Guest of Honor.

September 22nd 2013 - Area Map Online

Hungry? Thirsty? Check out the Area Map of Restaurants - you can even save it to your phone! - Link!.

September 5th 2013 - Events Updates.

Dance Schedule Online

We just got our dance schedule online - check it out on the Events Page.

Looking for a few good acts!

You've always wanted to be one of those characters on stage entertaining the con at RainFurrest's premier night time entertainment show - The RF Variety Show. Or maybe you've done it before. Now's the time to be creative and work with the staff to make your act the most spectacular act you can.

If you have an idea, or just want to be in the show and are looking for an idea, contact us at

We're looking for entertainers in fursuit skits, dance (This *is* Dancing in the Moonlight after all!), comedy, musical performance - let your imagination run wild. The sooner we get your act on the list and organized, the more of Rainfurrest's formidable technical resources on stage we can offer you to enhance your act.

Contact us at today!

September 1st 2013 - Pre-Registration Now Closed

Hello Raiufurs.

Pre-registration for Rainfurrest 2013 is now closed. But fear not! You will still be able to register for the convention the day of the convention.

So we will see you September 26th!

August 29th 2013 - Program Updates Online

Folks, we've more updates to the Events Page - We've updated the program guide again and now posted descriptions for all of the panels!

August 26th 2013 - Website Updates Part II

Folks, we have a another couple of updates! The Events Page has been updated with a newer version of the schedule grid and rules for the dance competition!.

August 23rd - Website Updates!

Folks, we have a big ol' list of updates this time around.

Artist Alley and Art Show hours posted

We've just posted the hours for Artist Alley and Art Show - you can check that information out at the Artist Alley and Art Show pages.

Dealers Hours and Map

There is now a map for the Dealers Den Online, as well as posted hours - check it out on the Dealers page!

Registration Closing Soon and Hours Posted

Just a reminder, Pre-Registration closes on September 1st, so if you haven't yet registered you can register by visiting our Registration page. If you've registered but haven't finished paying you have until September 1st you will loose everything in your shopping cart and your registration price will go up to the at-con rate for $45 dollars. It's highly encouraged that patrons and sponsors pre-register to ensure they get the items that come with their membership, like a guaranteed slot at the GOH Dinner and Ice Cream Social, as well as the complimentary T-Shirt. We've also posted Registration Hours - again, you can check it all out at the Registration page.

Hotel News

Have you got your hotel room yet? We've just added more rooms at the Holiday Inn, If you still need to book please visit our hotel page to get all the booking details for hotel rooms! If for some reason you need to cancel your room at the Hilton, please contact us at with your conformation number and let us cancel your room for you. We do have a wait list of people that want to get into the Hilton, but the hotel is very full.

August 5th 2013 - Preliminary Events Grid online


We have gotten our initial grid of events online, check it out over on the events page.

July 26th 2013 - Conbook Submission Specifications!


We have conbook submission specifications online, if you want to submit, all the details are there, but be aware, deadline is August 11, 2013.

July 24th 2013 - Guest of Honor Dinner Menu


Just a quick note - we have posted our GOH Dinner menu on the events page, feel free to check it out!

May 18th 2013 - Charity Updates

Just a quick note, we updated our Charity page - and we are pleased announce the Clouded Leopard project as the Official Charity for RF2013, again, for more information please visit our Charity page.

May 9th 2013 - Guest of Honor Updates!

We have updated our Guest of Honor page with more info about our guests, we are pleased to have Bio's up for our writing Guest of Honor FurPlanet Team, and Writing Special Guest, Phil Geusz.

Our Current list of Guests and Special Guests are:

  • Artist Guest of Honor - Soulscape
  • Fursuit Guest of Honor - Temperance
  • Writing Guest of Honor - The FurPlanet Team
  • Fandom Guest of Honor - Fred Patten
  • Writing Special Guest - Phil Geusz
  • Music Special Guest - Foxamoore

    Visit our Guest of Honor page to read more about them, and what they bring to the table for RainFurrest!

    May 6th 2013 - Main Hotel is sold out!

    We are pleased to announce that the main hotel of RainFurrest 2013 is now completely sold out! Don't worry though as we still have plenty of rooms in the overflow hotel, The Seattle Airport Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn is only a block away, a short 5 minute walk, you can get rooms with one or two beds for only $119 a night.

    If you need more information or would like to book a hotel room at the Holiday Inn please visit our Hotel Page

    February 13th 2013 - WiFi in the hotel now free to all con-goers

    We are please to announce that for RainFurrest 2013 - Dancing in the Moonlight all WiFi in the hotel and convention space of the Hilton will be free to all con-goers. Thats right you will be able to use that laptop, tablet or smart phone anywhere where RainFurrest is happening. More details are coming soon so keep your eyes on this page.