RainFurrest Guests of Honor

Do you have a question for RainFurrest?

If you do we would be happy to answer all your questions. In the next while we will be posting some basic questions and answers here on this page. This will give you some general details about the convention and what is going on.

If you would like to contact RainFurrest please visit our contact page or email information@rainfurrest.com.

Q:When is the con?
A:September 25th - 28th 2014

Q:How do I volunteer?
A:Visit our volunteers page.

Q:How do I get a poolside room?
A:Send an email to hotel@rainfurrest.com

Q:How much are memberships?
A:$25 dollars for regular memberships until December 15th, $35 dollars after that until the end of August. To get the pre-reg prices, you must have paid for the membership in full prior December 15th / August 31st. At the door Regular-Attendee Membership Price is $45 dollars. All other membership prices are as follows: $80 dollars for Sponsor Memberships and $150 dollars for Patron Memberships for more information visit the Registration page.

Q:How much is a hotel room?
A:125 a night plus tax.

Q:Who are our overflow hotels?
A:RF2014 does not have an overflow at this time.

Q:How do I apply to be a panelist?
A:Send an email to events@rainfurrest.com

Q:When is the fursuit parade?
A:This information will appear on the events page later in the year.

Q:When is opening ceremonies / closing ceremonies?
A:This information will appear on the events page later in the year.

Q:What is your badging policy?
A:At RainFurrest, you can have either a current-year membership badge or a current-year fursuit badge. Every attendee is provides with a Lanyard as well. For a badge to be valid at RF2014, you must have one of those badges AND the lanyard in your posession when inside convention space, and must show both of them upon request.

Q:Can I receive a parking discount if I'm not staying at the Hilton?
A:Parking is $8 a day for all attendees. Hilton Guests get in-out privileges while day guests do not.

Q:Where do I park if the Hilton garage is full?
A:There are many parking lots in the vicinity of the Hilton, you can also visit our travel page for more information about transit options.

Q:I'm driving from out of town, and I'm registered at the Hilton. Am I guaranteed space in the Hilton garage or valet parking?
A:The Hilton has off-site overflow parking and can accommodate all of its registered guests.

Q:I know that marijuana is legal in Washington. Can I smoke it at RainFurrest?
A: No. While Marijuana has been legalized in Washington state, it is still against Hilton policy to smoke or vaporize it on premises. Breaking this policy is grounds for removal from the hotel, which includes an automatic forfeiture of your convention membership.

Q:When will the Programming Grid be up?
A:This typically goes on-line in late Spring/Early Summer, a link will be posted on the events page

Q:Is there a waitlist for rooms at the Hilton after it fills up?
A:No. But once we have our overflow hotels confirmed, you will find information for them on our hotel page.

Q:I've pre-registered and cannot attend, can I get a refund?
A:RainFurrest does provide refunds. If you have questions about this policy, you may email registration@rainfurrest.com

Q:If I pre-register and can't attend RF2014, may I roll my membership over to RF2015?
A:Generally we do not roll over memberships. If you have questions about this policy, you may email registration@rainfurrest.com

Q:Is there any commission for using the art show?
A:Yes, the Art Show charges a 10% commission to artists on all sales.

Q:When will I receive my check from the Art Show?
A:Checks are mailed within 14 days of the end of the convention.