RainFurrest 2013 Dance Competition

You can sign up for the RF2013 Fursuit Dance Competition prior to the convention by emailing dancecomp@rainfurrest.com. Pre-Registration is HIGHLY recommended as it enables us to normalize all of the audio files to prevent tracks being too loud, too quiet or loud "pops" etc. It is the only way we will allow lighting/effect cues to be submitted.

Pre-con sign ups should be emailed to dancecomp@rainfurrest.com with the subject: [Fursuit name] RF2013 Dance Comp Entry.

Attach your audio file to the email. Please do not send links to soundcloud or other file sharing sites, send the actual file.

In the body of the email please include again your suit name, 'RF2013 Dance Comp Entry' if you are a SOLO, DUO, or GROUP entry and add any lighting/effect cues.


[Fursuit name] RF2013 Dance Comp entry
Solo entry

0:00 black out
0:02 Blue lights
0:50 2 sec haze/Fog burst
1:15 Red lights
1:20 Black out

At convention sign-up MUST be delivered to the A/V booth in the main theater by no later than 6pm on Friday Evening September 27th, 2013. Songs delivered in this manner should be brought on a USB drive. No cell phones or iPods.

  • Audio files will only be accepted in MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF file formats. 320kbps MP3 is preferred.

  • Song selections may be up to two minutes (120 seconds) in length. Dancers do NOT need to use the entire 120 seconds, but may not go over. Please edit your songs down to start where you want and end/fade where you want. Our DJ has not practiced with you and we do not want you to miss a key drop or portion of your song due to a miscommunication in cueing.

  • Song content must be suited for FCC regulated radio play. If it could not be played on regular FM radio, the song should be edited to censor or take out objectionable material, or a different song should be selected.

  • File Names MUST be: FURSUIT NAME - RF2013 Dance comp.mp3 (or .wav, .aiff. aac, etc). This helps us stay organized. FILES SUBMITTED WITHOUT THE PROPER NAME FORMAT WILL BE REJECTED

    ALL Competitors must arrive in the Headless Lounge, no less than 30 minutes (Saturday Night at 7:00pm) prior to the start of the Dance Competition (Saturday Night at 7:30pm)

  • Fur the Record will be providing 3 judges. As such, anyone officially affiliated with Fur the Record is PROHIBITED from competing.

  • Each of the 3 judges will only be judging 2 categories each. The categories are:
    • Originality - How original is the routine as a whole? Bring your own style and flare to score big in this category.

    • Crowd Involvement - Earn points in this category by getting the crowd into it with you. Engage the crowd clapping, get them to "Ooo", "Ahh" or "OHHHHH!".

    • Execution - Make your hits sharp and make sure you're on point to gain the judges favor in this category.

    • Difficulty - Go big or go home! Add some difficult tricks and challenging moves to wow the judges.

    • Musicality - Stay in time with your music and dont miss those drops to ensure big points in this category.

    • Diversity - Mix up your routine and don't do the same sidestep for 2 minutes to get on the scoreboard in this category.

    In the event of a Tie, a song will be chosen for a head-to-head face off in the "Floor Wars" format (One dancer at a time until the next dancer is cued) to determine the winner.

    Only the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contestants will be announced and ranked.