Charity Events

RainFurrest chooses a charity every year to help raise funds for. Every year RainFurrest along with having donation boxes has events such as our Charity auction to raise funds for the years chosen charity.

The Clouded Leopard Project

The Clouded Leopard Project is dedicated to the conservation of clouded leopards and their habitat by supporting field research, implementing education initiatives in range countries, and bringing global awareness to clouded leopard conservation issues.


Clouded Leopard Project (CLP) was initiated in 2000 by the Point Defiance Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers. Staff Biologists and Educators working with the clouded leopards at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium recognized the need for an organization dedicated to raising the profile of this charismatic and highly endangered cat, virtually unknown to the general public in both clouded leopard range countries and around the world. In addition, CLP founders wished to provide financial assistance to encourage scientific study of wild clouded leopards in an effort to uncover the secrets of their behavior and determine their conservation needs. The growth of the organization has recently led to the non-profit incorporation of Clouded Leopard Project; therefore it is no longer affiliated with the American Association of Zoo Keepers as its fiscal sponsor.

Clouded Leopard Project Strategy

Clouded Leopard Project conducts work in three primary areas:

  • Support of field research and conservation efforts for clouded leopards and their habitat.
    CLP fosters relationships with clouded leopard researchers and provides funding support for their field work. We also create and maintain partnerships to promote collaborative conservation efforts with organizations already working with communities directly impacting clouded leopard habitat.

  • Development and implementation of educational initiatives to increase global awareness of clouded leopards, both in and out of range countries. CLP disseminates information about clouded leopards through its website, printed materials, and presentations at conferences and special events. We are also active in education efforts for both children and adults in clouded leopard range countries, creating educational materials and sponsoring educator training workshops.

  • Conducting fundraising efforts to support CLP activities. CLP sells merchandise through its website, zoo gift shops, and local and national events. CLP also offers a variety of donation levels and a clouded leopard adoption package online.

Want to Help?

We invite you to learn about this amazing, endangered cat and help spread the word about its conservation needs. You can support clouded leopard conservation by making a donation or by purchasing from the official Clouded Leopard Project online store.

We are always looking for items for our charity auction, as well as other fundraising ideas. If you would like to help out, send us an Email

Charity Auction

Our charity auction features things that our staff and attendees have donated or collected for donation. The auction sells all the items with all profit going to the charity.