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  Emerald Ballrooms D - F
Main Theater
      Art and Charity Auction   Scritch and Hiss   Closing Ceremonies                                      
  Orcas A
General  Track Panels
    Animal Symbolism Hybrids Roundtable Hiding and Coming Out as a Furry Pokefurs Roundtable Positively Promoting Furry                                            
  Orcas B
Art Track Panels
      Shading and Coloring Making Your Portfolio Pop Drawing Cubfurs Folds and Flow: Drawing Clothing                                            
  San Juan
Fursuit Track Panels
    Using the Right Glue Fursuiting Beyond the Con Fursuits 104: The Business Character for Your Character Keeping Cool in Your Fursuit                                            
  Columbia B
Music Track Panels
    Open Jamming Buying a Good Instrument   Making Your Music Furry Open Jamming                                          
  Alpine Ballroom
Writing Track
    Getting Published #2 Furry Anatomy and Description Reading #2 by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough How (Not) to Write a Bad Story Writing Realistic Dialogue                                            
  Glacier and Horizon
Secondary Theater
    Making Electronic Music   My Little Pony Party!                                            
  Emerald Ballroom C
Electronic Gaming
    Open Gaming Open Gaming Open Gaming         Dead Dog Party  
      DDR Tournament          
  Columbia A
Tabletop Gaming
    Open Gaming Magic the Gathering Legacy Tournament Open Gaming                                          
      Neverwhen RPG #6                                            
  Crystal Ballrooms A - C
Dealers' Den
    Dealers' Den Open for Business                                              
  Crystal Foyer
Artists' Alley
Artists' Alley Open for Business                                              
  Mercer A & B
Art Show
                    Art Show Open for Pickup                                  
  St. Helens Suite
Patron Lounge
Patron Lounge Open                                      
  Emerald Ballrooms A & B
Headless Lounge 1
    Headless Lounge Open                                      
  Elliott A
Headless Lounge 2
    Headless Lounge Open                                      
Fursuit Photos and Badging
Fursuit Photoshoot and Badging Open                                                              
  Elliott B
    Pre-Registration for RainFurrest 2013 Open                                                      
  Peninsula A & B
Con Ops
<-- Open All Night Convention Operations Closes at 7pm