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  Emerald Ballrooms D - F
Main Theater
      Gather for Parade Fursuit Parade! RainFurrest Musical Revue Ursa Major Awards Hall of Fame Awards Variety Show Dance Some More!  
  Orcas A
Generalá Track Panels
      Steampunk Props Charity Speaks! Furry and the Press What Are the Ursa Majors?   Photography and Furs Know Your Copyright Law Running a Furry in a Mainstream RPG Furry Ham Radio Micro/Macro Roundtable Gender and Sexuality Art Jam #3      
  Orcas B
Art Track Panels
      Off-Camera Lighting for Photo/Videographers Comics and Graphic Novels Artist Guest of Honor Q & A Live Model Drawing: Action Poses Four or More: Taurs and the Multilimbed Party Pictionary Creating Webcomics Q & A Sculpture 101 Getting in a Non-Furry Gallery Live Model Drawing: Clothed Females Live Model Drawing: Nude Females      
  San Juan
Fursuit Track Panels
    Buildingá a Duct-Tape Dummy Professional Fursuiting Fursuit Tech and Lighting Fursuits 103: Advanced Construction   Fursuit Maintenance and Travel Animatronics   Fursuit Guest of Honor Q & A Mind Control                  
  Columbia B
Music Track Panels
    Open Jamming Music Writing 101 Overcoming Stage Fright Training Your Voice Writing Poetry Open Jamming Computer Music-Making Programs Open Jamming      
  Alpine Ballroom
Writing Track
    Fiction vs. Fanfiction Writers' Block and How to Overcome It Writing Excercises and Tools Collaboration in Writing A Reading by Mary Lowd Writing 101 #3 Beyond the Basics Cˇyotl Awards Ceremony Writer Guest of Honor Q & A Writing a Graphic Novel or Comic World Building and Background Design Writing Challenge, Day 3: Submit! Scriptwriting Challenge Day 3: Action!        
  Glacier and Horizon
Secondary Theater
Cartoons and Cereal (Starts 8 AM)   Fursuiting Inspirations   Cubfur Social   Ice Cream Social   Fursuiter Meet and Greet   Bardic Circle   Open Mic Night Sensual Scalies      
  Emerald Ballroom C
Electronic Gaming
Open Gaming Open Gaming   Open Gaming Open Gaming Open Gaming      
  Halo: Reach Tournament #2 Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament Rock Band Tournament Conker: Live & Reloaded Tournament      
  Columbia A
Tabletop Gaming
    Open Gaming Open Gaming Open Gaming Open Gaming      
      Neverwhen RPG #4 Aye, Dark Overlord Neverwhen RPG #5 Magic the Gathering Pre-Constructed Deck Tournament Graveyard Games      
  Crystal Ballrooms A - C
Dealers' Den
    Dealers' Den Open for Business                                      
  Crystal Foyer
Artists' Alley
Artists' Alley Open for Business                                      
  Mercer A & B
Art Show
    Art Show Open for Bidding                                  
  St. Helens Suite
Patron Lounge
Patron Lounge Open     Ursa Majors and Cˇyotl Awards Combined Reception Patron Lounge Open          
  Emerald Ballrooms A & B
Headless Lounge 1
    Headless Lounge Open  
  Elliott A
Headless Lounge 2
    Headless Lounge Open  
Fursuit Photos and Badging
Fursuit Photoshoot and Badging Open                                                    
  Elliott B
    Registration Open                                      
  Peninsula A & B
Con Ops
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