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  Emerald Ballrooms D - F
Main Theater
      Variety Show Rehearsal   Fursuit Games Dance Lessons 101   Fursuit Dance Competition Fursuit-Friendly Dance  
  Orcas A
General  Track Panels
    Health and Fitness Steampunk 101 Finding or Forming a Writers' Group Furry Spirituality Home Brewing Behind the Scenes at a Con Building a Furry Support Network HTML 101 Freeform Roleplaying   Real Life Furries Successfully Running an Adult-Oriented RPG Art Jam #2      
  Orcas B
Art Track Panels
    Meet the RainFurrest Board of Directors   Pricing Your Piece   Adobe Illustrator Tips and Tricks Designing Art for Tees Hats, Tails, and Other Loom-Knitting Projects Speedpainting   Live Model Drawing: Clothed Males Live Model Drawing: Nude Males      
  San Juan
Fursuit Track Panels
    Fursuit Making: Dos and Don'ts Fursuits 101: Basic Construction Tails and Ears Workshop Fursuits 102: Intermediate Const. Fursuit Head Construction   How to Be a Demon Body Painting and Bodysuits Writing (More) Furry Erotica Unsheathed Live! Podcast        
  Columbia B
Music Track Panels
    Write a Song - Live! Instrument Show and Tell Making a GOOD YouTube Video Dance Etiquette The Music of Furry Film Open Jamming Voice Acting in the Furry Fandom Open Jamming Hackers, Locks, and Cheese Open Jamming      
  Alpine Ballroom
Writing Track
    Writing a Furry Into a Non-Furry Setting Reading #1 by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Write a Story in an Hour Getting Published #1 Writing 101 #2 Writing Challenge, Day 2: Work it!   Guests of Honor Dinner   Scriptwriting Challenge Day 2: Camera!        
  Glacier and Horizon
Secondary Theater
      Nerf War!   Drum Circle     Karaoke        
  Emerald Ballroom C
Electronic Gaming
      Open Gaming   Open Gaming   Open Gaming      
    Geometry Wars 2 Tournament Mario Kart Wii Tournement Call of Duty Tournament Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament        
  Columbia A
Tabletop Gaming
    Open Gaming Chez Geek Tournament Open Gaming Werewolf: The Apocalypse Preset Game Open Gaming AD&D 4E Adventure Open Gaming      
      Neverwhen RPG #2 Neverwhen RPG #3   Red Dragon Inn Tournament Betrayal at the House on the Hill Demo      
  Crystal Ballrooms A - C
Dealers' Den
    Dealers' Den Open for Business                                      
  Crystal Foyer
Artists' Alley
    Artists' Alley Open for Business                                      
  Mercer A & B
Art Show
    Art Show Open for Business                                  
  St. Helens Suite
Patron Lounge
            Patron Lounge Open          
  Emerald Ballrooms A & B
Headless Lounge 1
    Headless Lounge Open  
  Elliott A
Headless Lounge 2
    Headless Lounge Open  
Fursuit Photos and Badging
    Fursuit Photoshoot and Badging Open                                              
  Elliott B
    Registration Open                              
  Peninsula A & B
Con Ops
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