Rainfurrest 2012 - Warehouse Furteen. September 27-30 2012

2nd Annual RainFurrest BBQ

June 14th 2012

RainFurrest will be having its Second Annual BBQ this year on July 21st, 2012 from 11:00 AM (or so) to Dusk, at the lower picnic shelter of Richmond Beach Saltwater Park in Shoreline. (Link to Map)

We will start arriving around 11:00am and food should start to be ready around 1:00pm. RainFurrest will be getting all the food and pop, however folks are encouraged to bring more stuff to share. You should also bring your favorite games and activities and perhaps some fireood to burn in the fire pit!

As we will be there from morning to dusk - it is recommended you bring sunscreen and a jacket should the weather cool.

See you all there!

Sunday Brunch in Honor of Waarhorse

Come join the convention chair for a memorial brunch on Sunday. We will be celebrating the life of our friend and family member Waarhorse. Waarhorse was one of the people who exemplified all the good things you could find in the furry fandom. He was a great man who served both Rainfurrest from its first days, and served the entire furry community. We invite you to join us as we remember our dear friend.

Please contact us and know if you want to come so we can arrange to get the private dinning room.

Please note, that you will be responsible for the cost of your own meal. At this time the cost for the Sunday buffet at the Hilton is $18.00.

Ursa Major Awards Sponsors the Writing Competitions

Each year we tasked our writers to write a story for next years con book. They get the theme before everyone else, and the winner not only gets in the con book, he gets a sponsor membership for next year. Now the Ursa Major Awards are sponsoring this event and now there is the possibility the winner might get nominated for this most prestigious award. We of RainFurrest and honored that we can work with the Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association.

Hotel News

Our hotel is selling out fast and at this time there are no more Double/Double Bed room. We have everyone in the hotel.


Dealers Den and Dealers Waitist now full

March 7th 2012

The Dealers den is now full and so is the waitlist for dealers. We look forward to seeing you all at the convention!


More Rooms Available at the Hilton

Feb 21st 2012

That's right folks, the Hilton has made available to Rainfurrest more rooms for our convention. In fact all the rooms in the hotel! That's right Rainfurrest is going to have the entire hotel this year!

Check out the Hotel Information page to get all the details on booking your room

Dealers Den is Sold Out!

Feb 16th 2012

That's right folks and furs, our Dealers Den for 2012 is now sold out!

We will be posting a list of expected dealers on our dealers page as soon as all the details are in.

If you did not get a dealers table but still wish to have the chance to be a dealer please visit our dealers page to contact our dealers hall lead and get on our waiting list.

Hotel Rooms Available and Going Fast!!

January 28th 2012

Hotel rooms are open for booking at the Hilton! Get yours now before they are gone because they are going fast.

Visit out Hotel page for all the details on our fantastic hotel

Dealers Hall Registration is open!

December 3rd 2011

Want to sell your rare and mysterious artifacts at Warehouse Furteen? Well as of 12:00 noon today you can, because dealers hall registration is now open! Just check out our dealers page for all the details on registering to be a dealer with the warehouse.

Go to the Dealers Pag

New website online

December 1st 2011

We would like to welcome you to the new home of Rainfurrest, dubbed Warehouse Furteen!

Pre-registration is now open along with our new website so please visit our Registration page to get all the details on our registration costs, processes and other information. Remember the sooner you register the less you pay for access to the warehouse.

Just a reminder, Dealers Tables go on sale December 3rd, at 12:00pm Noon, for more information about the dealers room, visit the Dealers page.

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