Rainfurrest 2012 - Warehouse Furteen. September 27-30 2012

Welcome to the Warehouse!

Thanks for Visiting the Warehouse!

October 3rd 2012

We want to thank each and every one of you for coming this year, all 1705 of you. (a 20% increase over 2011), we are working on getting our 2013 Webpage going soon.

We expect to have 2013 Registration and Hotel Reservations open soon, and we expect to open Dealers Room and Art Show by early December 2012.

For now however, take a look at the 2012 Fursuit Photos - http://magelight.org/z/rainfurrest2012

See you all next year!

News and Website Updates

September 25th 2012

We have some news and updates for everyone!. First the news: The pool at the hotel will be open 24 hours a day from Thursday to Sunday night. Also, we previously had a typo on the webpage claiming the parking was 7 dollars for overnight guests and no price listed for overnight guests, this was in correct, the correct pricing is 8 dollars per night for overnight guests, and 11 dollars per day for daytime guests, sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Now for some updates: We have put rules online about the Dance Competition, you can see those one the events page, second, we have a list of artists online now, you can view it on the artshow page. See you all at the convention.

Variety Show Signup!

September 21st 2012

Want to entertain your fellow furs at Rainfurrest and show 'em your talent? Of course you do! Sign up now to be in the Rainfurrest Variety Show. E-mail North with the title of your act, a short description of what it is and who is in it, roughly how long it will be, and what audio/visual support you might need to make it work.

There's a mandatory audition/rehearsal on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. All the approved acts will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday night in the headless lounge to take the stage. Show begins at 7:00p sharp and ends at 9:00p.

Late Website Updates.

September 20th 2012

Over the last couple weeks we have made a couple updates to the website, in no particular order: the events page has been updated with a final (or as close to final as we can get) schedule, also, we posted a new set of links to our google calendar based electronic schedule.

The dealers page has been updated with a map, and table locations for all the dealers.

Furthermore, We will have fursuit eartags this year, they will be handed out at-con, with the exception of tags 69 and 366, those will be saved for the charity auction.

Pre-Registration has closed.

September 2nd 2012

Pre-Registration has closed with over 1020 paid pre-registrations - this puts us 200 or so over last years pre-registration numbers!. If you missed out, don't worry, you will be able to register at the convention, starting at 11 am, Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Website Update

August 30th 2012

This week, we have made a couple updates to the website.

We have a nearly final schedule of events online, get a look at it here, in addition, we have also gotten the Guest of Honor Dinner menu online, get a look at it here.

Also, Dont forget, registration closes tomorrow, to register visit the registration page.

For the latest updates, you can always reach us on twitter at @RainFurrest

New Fursuit Guest of Honor!

August 29th 2012

As we had posted last night, SokiTwoPaw had to drop out, however, we thankfully had a equally brightly shining light to pick up in his stead, we are pleased to announce that Matrices has stepped up to fill his shoes, if you head on over to our Guest of Honor page, you can read a brief bio, and learn more about her.

Guest of Honor Update.

August 28th 2012

Folks, Sad News, SokiTwoPaw has dropped out and will be unable to appear at RainFurrest 2012, he had an unexpected personal obligation come up and felt he was unable to attend.

Pre-Registration Closes September 1st

August 15th 2012

We wanted to let folks know that the chance to purchase a presale membership is rapidly slipping away. Our pre-registration system will close down on September 1st; after that, memberships are only available at the price of $40 at the door, so save yourself $5 and register now! Please note, if you are mailing a cheque, it must be postmarked before September 3rd, 2012.

To register, please visit the registration page.

Big Update!

August 14th 2012

Over the last week we have been working hard here at the Warehouse to get more information online for you!

We have filled up the Hilton, however there is an alternate! For more information, and what to do if you do not yet have a room, visit our Hotel page.

We have a nearly final list of dealers; you can see it on our Dealers Page.

We have also gotten a Preliminary Schedule of Events Online. You can get a look at it by visiting our Events Page.

Also, By Friday we will be sending out a new newsletter, you can get a look at it by clicking here.

2nd Annual Rainfurrest Picnic a Success!

August 7th 2012

Our second annual Rainfurrest picnic was a rousing success! With over 100 attendees attending there was food and fun in the sun. See you all at Rainfurrest 2012!

Next Rainfurrest Staff Meeting

July 30th 2012

Rainfurrest's next staff meeting will be held at the Seattle Airport Hilton. The meeting will start at 12 noon and continue until 3pm.

Check out our full meeting Schedule!


2012 Events Highlights!

Chalk Drawing

Last year at RainFurrest we had an unofficial chalk drawing area at the rear of the hotel near the back parking lot.

As it seemed to be a very popular event, RainFurrest decided to make this an official creative space, however to keep the hotel from washing it away, and to insure we can do it in the future, we had to add some rules:

  1. G rated art only - In other words, no adult drawings. Should less than appropriate drawings show up we will lose this creative space.
  2. Leave the area as you found it - No modifications to Hotel or Parking signs and no drawing on the walls.

So that's about it. RainFurrest will supply the chalk for folks to use and so long as it doesn.t rain, it will run all day Friday and Saturday.

Tails and Ears Workshop

Back by popular demand, the Tails and Ears Workshop returns for another year. For just a small fee to cover the cost of materials, you can learn it by doing it. Best of all, by the end of the workshop you'll have a set to wear.

Book Launches

RainFurrest is one of the fandom's greatest writing conventions, and this year we're proving it with no less than TWO book launches! We're premiering the release of a new book from Kyell Gold, as well as RainFurrest's newest anthology!

Introducing the Music Track

Looking to refine technique? Want to learn what is out there in music? We have a programming line-up dedicated to just this!

Participatory Events

Bring your instruments with you this year! We are, as always, accepting acts for our variety show, and have also added an open mic night and a number of jam sessions, including a return of our drum circle.

Ceremonies and Awards

RainFurrest is proud to announce the first annual Coyotl Awards ceremony, sponsored by the Furry Writers' Guild! In addition, there will be an induction ceremony for the longstanding Ursa Major Awards! Come and show your support for all those writers and artists who make furry fandom so fun!


Lots and lots of games, electronic and otherwise! There will be tournaments and demos every day, or you can just stop by for some open play - so you'll always have lots to do, even when you don't have lots to do.

Live Modeling

Also this year, we will have some new live modeling panels. Like last year there will still be two nighttime nude live model panels, but now we will also have two during the day this time with clothing. Several artists asked for this as to get a better idea how clothing fits on the models form as well as the added benefit of how better draw clothing. Just another thing RainFurrest is doing to offer a better experience to the attendee.

Check out ours news archive

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