Rainfurrest 2012 - Warehouse Furteen. September 27-30 2012

Rainfurrest Guests of Honor

Artist Guest of Honor - YamiBliss


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Deviant Art

My name if of course is Jeffrey Carrion AKA Yamibliss. I’m originally from Puerto Rico. I have always had an interest in art especially in animation, from the United State as well Japan, comic book, traditional artist and more. In High School I had the opportunity to explore more about the world of anime on the point where I began drawing anime characters such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Evangelion and more. The one series that really impacted me was one called, “Chirality by Sataoshi Urushihara”. After seeing his work I began creating my very own character.

In 2002 in college I began exploring the world of Anthropomorphism. Something that started as a curiosity finish up as large collection of drawing and art works still today. I hope to continue working in this media and create more art pieces, comic and stories. Who know maybe some Role Playing game?

Writing Guest of Honor - Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

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Ann's Bio

Altogether I've written and collaborated on 38 novels, 22 solo and 16 in collaboration with the fabulous Anne McCaffrey. Among my solo novels is THE HEALER'S WAR, the 1989 Nebula Award winner for best novel, loosely based on my experiences as a nurse in Vietnam.

Just last week I released for the first time anywhere, a new e-book (available soon as Print on Demand as well), SPAM VS THE VAMPIRE. Spam is a cat whose mistress disappears suddenly, leaving him and his 14 feline housemates alone and soon to starve. When someone breaks into the house, Spam takes the opportunity to escape into the outside world, where he's actually never been before, to hunt for his human, or at least some other human to feed and care for him and his friends until their friend Darcy comes back. The more he hunts, the more he becomes sure that she is not going to be coming back on her own.

Fursuit Guest of Honor - Matrices


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Matrices Website

Matrices is a dog-person and fursuiter who lives on planet Whidbey Island, in the northern Oak Harbor WA system. A veteran of the furry fandom for over a decade, she enjoys building costumes, making props, drawing, and generally being crafty. In the event that one of her projects was to go out of control and end up as a Warehouse artifact, the name on the tag would display Sara Howard (her human name) as its creator. With fondness for teaching, as well as learning from, other creative people, she participates in fursuiting education, construction, and commerce. To continue to foster a sense of open sharing within the community, she has maintained and published a variety of handy fursuit tutorials on her Website

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