Rainfurrest 2012 - Warehouse Furteen. September 27-30 2012

Dealers Room

Dealers Den is now full!

Our Dealers Den is now full and the waitlist has been filled as well. Thank you and see you all in September!

Dealers Map/Layout

Table Num Table Name
Table Num Table Name
1 YamiBliss
31 Con*Tact Caffeine
2 Two Wet Noses
32 Spelunker Sal
3 Fox Prints
33 Pandora House Crafts LLC
4 Davecko
34 Tombstone Jig
5 P.Moss
35 Dzi
6 Northern Lights Studio
36 Baka Tatsu Designs
7 Mongoose Ink
37 Fox Closet Inc.
8 Lagarto Custom Leather
38 Farellemoon/ Bondagepuppy
9 Fox Ink
39 Cooner Arts / Gideon's Corral
10 Made Fur You LLC
40 Mitti
11 Bad Dragon
41 Inkpawz Art
12 Bad Dragon
42 RudeRoo Design
13 Vantid
43 Jarlidium Press
14 Art by Diana Vick
44 Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project
15 Onnanoko
45 The Dawn Chapel
16 Bedlam Badges
46 blue paw productions
17 Kitty Loves Monster LLC
47 Lady Foxglove
18 Dingbat and Sigil Goat
48 Kacey Miyagami
19 Neonon
49 Mel_fluff's Art
20 professor whovianart creations
50 Mark Brill STudios
21 TheDapperDingo
51 Dark Natasha
22 Egypt Urnash
52 The Earthen Cavy
23 Dragondyne Publishing
53 Panther Strike Industries
24 S. Park Costumes
54 Luckypan and Nim
25 FurPlanet Productions
55 WildElement Studios
26 FurPlanet Productions
56 Laura Garabedian
27 Blotch
57 CTH
28 Sofawolf Press
58 Serena Kittys Arts
29 The Realm and Arts of Darius Koopa
59 Rukis
30 Kadath & Kaylii
60 Gryphon Graphics / Jackie Duram Nilsson
  • Anything on display (visible to people near your table) must be PG-13 rated. This may include the use of stickers in appropriate areas. Other materials may be shown to specific people provided you have checked their badge to ensure they are of legal age.
  • In the state of Washington, things are not considered PG-13 if:
  • It contains exposed genitalia or representations of genitalia.
  • It depicts a sexual act.
  • It depicts realistic violence where the victim is shown to be seriously injured.
  • It depicts any other content that, according to State law, makes it unsuitable for younger viewers.
  • Items that are considered completely unacceptable (and will result in a meeting with the Con Chair immediately) include items where the possession of, sale of, or the crossing of state boundaries with constitutes a criminal act, e.g. child pornography or bestiality. These items CANNOT be sold or displayed, period.

Tax Collection

Permanent Business License - If you have a permanent Washington State Business License, then you can just add the sales of your products at RainFurrest to your annual tax reporting and it's easy for everyone.

Temporary Business Certificate - If you apply for a Temporary Business Certificate, then you can follow the directions on that and can report taxes yourself. You can read about and apply for the certificate on the Washington State Department of Revenue website.

Dealers and Money at the Convention.

RainFurrest highly recommends that if the hotel you are staying at has Safe Deposit boxes dealers use them to store their cash, alternatively, if the hotel has a room safe, you use that. RainFurrest makes no claims of the security of the Dealers Room after hours. While we have never had a problem (and never hope to) and do take reasonable precautions about room security, nothing is perfect.

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