Rainfurrest 2012 - Warehouse Furteen. September 27-30 2012

Rainfurrest Anthology Project

Starting last Rainfurrest sponsored an anthology containing stories written with out theme in mind. All proceeds also benefit Rainfurrest charity of that year and will continue to benefit that charity for as long as the book is being sold. After a huge success in 2011 we are back again with another anthology this year.

Rainfurrest Anthology Project Rules

Word Count: 5,000-8,000 words double spaced please and 12 point font so it can be read.

Theme: Steam Punk, Weird Science/mad science. Please note that Warehouse 13 is a copyrighted property of The Sy Fy network.

Rating: G to PG

Deadlines: Initial submissions due: February 2nd 2012 where the stories will be picked and returned by March 17th 2012 for those selected for the Anthology, a 2nd draft will be due April 30th 2012 and returned May 19th 2012 for final editing by the author, and Final submissions are due by June 1st 2012. (Final Deadline may change due to publishers needs but authors will be informed in a timely manner if that happens.)

Note: All writers and artists are waiving all payments as all funds will go to the Con's charity. If you make into the Anthology you will get a copy of the book. We will attempt to find artists to do art for the story's but cannot guarantee art for each story.

Submissions Should Be Sent To anthology@rainfurrest.com

Any questions about the anthology should be sent to anthology@rainfurrest.com

Last Year's Anthology

Synopsis: This anthology was created by the fans of Rainfurrest with a simple goal in mind. To give something back.

Proceeds from this book will go to the Rainfurrest charity, in the hope of giving our furry friends a better life.

So please, join us around the campfire to share with us a few tall tales and do a few good deeds.

The book is $10.00 and all profits go to our charities.

Click here to buy the Anthology!

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