Registration at RainFurrest

Pre-Registration for Rainfurrest 2011 closes on September 7th at midnight. After this date, you will no longer be able to pre register for the convention at the preregistration price. In addition, payment for any unpaid items or memberships must arrive by September 16th, or those items or memberships will be lost.

Click here to register!

Please be aware that you will not be allowed to attend RainFurrest without agreeing to our conduct policy

Membership Types and Benefits
* Free for children under 10
* Allows access to most areas and panels of the convention.
* Priced from 30 to 35 before the event, and 45 at the door.
* Allows access (with proof of age) to all areas of the event for all three days.
* Priced at 60$
* All the benefits of a Attending membership
* A free T-shirt
* Priced at 140$
* All the benefits of a Attending membership
* A free T-shirt
* A free ticket to the Guest of Honor dinner
* A free ticket to the Ice-cream social
* Access to the Patron Lounge

Membership Pricing Information

Mail-In Registration

Mail-In Registration is done a little differently than most conventions. Use the online registration system link above, but watch closely! At the end of the form, you will be asked how you wish to pay. Choose "Mail In" and it will provide you with a form you can print out which will contain all of your registration information, and an address to send your check to.