April 25th 2011 - New Fursuit Guest of Honor!.

RainFurrest is pleased to Announce that Beetlecat is our new Fursuit Guest of Honor, please visit our Guest of Honor page for more information!

April 21st 2011 - We have our 2011 Charity!

We have selected Love A Mutt for 2011 Charity.

Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is dedicated to provide a future for abandoned pets by placing them in their rehoming program. Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is staffed entirely by volunteers. They offer rescue services, education, foster homes, initial medical care, and placement in permanent loving homes. You can visit their webpage at www.loveamutt.org

April 16th 2011 - Dealer Room is Full.

The Dealers Room and the Waiting List is now Full, We thank everyone for applying, if you have not yet paid, the deadline for payment is June 1st 2011.

February 20th 2011 - New Special Guest!.

RainFurrest is pleased to Announce that Astolpho is our newest Special Guest, please visit our Guest of Honor page for more information!

February 17th 2011 - New Writing Guest of Honor!.

RainFurrest is pleased to Announce that Alan Dean Foster is our new Writing Guest of Honor, please visit our Guest of Honor page for more information!

February 17th 2011 - Message from the Chairman.

I'd like to extend apologies to those dealers who were unable to get a table this year. We were unprepared to handle the speed at which the dealers den sold out. Please apply for positions on our waiting list in case we can expand the dealers den or openings come up between now and the convention.

Given the interest, we will be having an Artist Alley this year. The exact plans on how it will be implemented are being worked out and we'll make sure to inform everyone once it has been decided.

Again, we are as surprised as you guys are at the demand for dealers tables this year; we were expecting a few more months before the room was full.

Thanks for your understanding,

Loial Otter - RainFurrest 2011 Chairman

February 10th 2011 - Dealers Room is now Full

As of today the RainFurrest Dealers Room is now Full, and our waiting list is now open, for more information please visit the Dealers Den page. Our art show however is still open, so if you would like to get a art show panel, please click on teh art show section of the website and read some more!

February 1st 2011 - Art Show Open!

To Register or For more Information, please visit here for more informatiom about the 2011 RainFurrest Art Show.

January 10th 2011 - Call for Submissions - RainFurrest Writers Anthology

Today RainFurrest Opens for Submissions for the RainFurrest Writers Anthology, for more information, please visit our Forums, but you had better hurry, the submission deadline is March 15th 2011.

October 16th 2010 - Survey Kiosk

RainFurrest wants to hear from you! Every year we have a survey kiosk that asks about your experience at the convention this year (2010). We request that you fill out our survey kiosk by clicking here

October 15th 2010 - Now Hiring!

RainFurrest is now Hiring, we have updated our webpage with a list of open positions, for more information please visit our Volunteers page!

October 15th, 2010 - Hotel Room Block is now open!

Hotel Room Block is now Open for RainFurrest 2011, please visit our Hotel page for more information and how to book!.

Sept 26 2010 - Website Launch!

We hope you enjoy our new website, the layout was created by Tani DaReal. This year we are fighting hard to have the website brought to you in different languages. These translations will be done by a person not a machine, so any sections of the website that have not had a chance to be translated will still appear in English.

We hope to see anyone who wants to come at the Firing party, we're constantly looking for new recruits to help Rainfurrest get new great ideas.

December 17th 2010 - RainFurrest Christmas Party

Saturday, Dec 11th RainFurrest will be having its Christmas Party at Hales Brewery in Ballard, the cost is $10.00, for more information or to RSVP loial (at) rainfurrest (dot) com

October 1st, 2010 - Firing Party

Everyone who has either staffed this year or who hopes to be on our team next year is welcome to come to our staff firing party!

The firing party is happening between 1:00pm and 3:45pm on October 16th and will be located at 4820 196th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

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September 29th, 2010 - 25$ Pre-reg pricing extended

Register Now! our pre-reg 25$ price has been extended by a extra week!

September 26th, 2010 - Announcing GOH Tani DaReal

We will be bringing in Tani DaReal as our guest of honor this year!

September 26th, 2010 - New Hotel

As was announced at closing ceremonies, RainFurrest will be moving to a new hotel! Check out the information on our hotel page!

Congratulations, RF2010!

RainFurrest 2010 is over, and we had a awesome time! This year we had 1045 attendees, which makes us the 5th largest Furry Convention.