Win a free membership!

In order to encourage submissions, Rainfurrest will be doing three draws for a free membership or membership upgrade to Rainfurrest.

To enter the draw for a membership, you must have your submission in within 24 hours of the next draw date. Draw dates
Draw Date Winner
February 15th 2011 Sabertooth Ermine for this submission
May 15th 2011 Yuuryuu for this submission
August 15st 2011 No Winner yet

Rainfurrest Flyer Meme!

This year, like many years, Rainfurrest wanted to do somthing different than most cons, so we came up with a idea to add a meme to the back of our flyer. This would let our flyers become more than just a piece of paper to be thrown away.

Meme Rules

  • Art Submissions
    • Art must be work done by yourself.
    • Art must maintain a PG or lower rating
    • Art may be of any character you have rights to use. You may use "Rainy" the Rainfurrest cougar in your drawings.
  • Fursuit / Photographic Submissions
    • Photos must be of characters you have rights to use.
    • Photos must maintain a PG or lower rating
    • If you can find/make a "Rainy" the Rainfurrest cougar fursuit, you get extra points!
  • Story / Writing submissions
    • Writing must be PG or lower rating,
    • If your writing, you may choose any topic you desire.
    • Writing should be kept to less than 800 words.

Submitting your Flyer Meme

Use the simple form below to submit your flyer meme to our website.