2010 Rainfurrest Guests of Honor

Every year, Rainfurrest seeks out talented and deserving members of the furry fandom to recognize their contributions to the community. We look for talented individuals who've had an impact and given of their skills and abilities for all of us. We're especially interested in honoring genuinely kind people who have perhaps not yet found the recognition that they deserve.

Artist Guest of Honor


Balto, AKA Albert C. Pena, is a relatively recent member of our furry community attending his first furry convention in 2005. He's been hooked ever since and a regular at many conventions. His art had been furry long before he'd heard of the fandom.

Balto started his professional career as an artist in 1995 when he first attended San Diego's famous Comic Con, drawing inspiration from artists including Don Bluth, Chuck Jones, and John Alvin. Born in Canal Zone, Panama, Balto adds to this year's international feel at Rainfurrest. Balto has been quite successful with his art, with many of his works going mainstream, like "Critter Country," a comic strip published in several newspapers nationwide, and on the web. He created the comic book series "Orville," sold nationally through Diamond Distributors. Adding to his impressive resumé, Balto has created commissioned work for the Christian publishing giant BB Kirk Bride. Balto also served as the vice chair for the Southern California Cartoonist Society, and served on the staff of Furry Fiesta in Texas.

When his pencil isn't on a page, you can find Balto collecting original animation art, or out fossil hunting. Balto has been the key artist in producing all of the great Rainfurrest patches you've seen on the staff shirts every year. We just couldn't be happier than to have Balto, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, as our 2010 Artist Guest of Honor.

Fursuit Guest of Honor


Kodi is a multitalented fursuit builder hailing from the great north of Canada. His "Kodimade" fursuits have populated the fandom since 2000 and are easily recognizable with their hallmark cuteness. They are made to be performance suits and have entertained many around the world.

Kodi started fursuit performing as part of the Make-A-Wish foundation shortly after moving to Vancouver from his hometown of Ottawa. A few years later, he helped form the charity performing group Helping Pawz, still active in the Vancouver area. In addition to his charity work, Kodi launched the annual Howloween gathering, Vancouver's signature Halloween-themed annual furmeet. Kodi has even appeared on the CBC during an episode of Culture Shock, where they explored the furry culture.

After living all over the United States and Canada, Kodi currently makes his home in Seattle. For all his contributions to the fursuiting community and for making Vancouver a happier, furrier place for many worthy causes, we're proud to honor Kodi as our 2010 Fursuiting Guest of Honor.

Writer Guest of Honor

Graveyard Greg

Graveyard Greg, master craftsman of the English language and freelance furry writer, is this year's Writer Guest of Honor. Best known for his web comics "Gaming Guardians", "Carpe Diem", and "Dungeons and Denizens", Greg makes his home in the high desert of Nevada. His other notable works include the web comics "Profiles and the Guardians", and the online novel "Welcome to Cappuccinos". We're very proud that this fall, Greg is debuting his first novella, "Deathless", right here at Rainfurrest!

Readers will also remember his work from the furry anthologies "FANG" volume 3, and "ROAR" volume 2. Legend has it that once a fortnight, Graveyard Greg rises from the mist and reveals the keys to everything you wanted to know to his followers on Twitter. The only catch is that you will have to pay to have them made.

Rainfurrest is honored to have this talented and wily writer join us this year as our 2010 Writer Guest of Honor.

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