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Cosmofurs Do it Again!

The free furry world is once again slack-mawed with feelings of shock and awe as the Cosmofurs have put the first real furry into orbit around the Earth. The world's first fur in space is believed to be a Siberian husky, a colonel of the Sovipaw Air Force.

"Vee don't know zhe husky's name, but zhere is intelligence about the pattern of his fur vich may shed light on zhe situation," said the head of FURS, Dr. Werner von Wolfenstein. "In any cazhe, zhe technical achievement is aztonishink! How did zhe Cosmofurs accommodate zuch a curly tail und hushky butt in zuch a tiny spacecraft seat?!"

After three lonely trips around the Earth and over four and a half hours alone in space, the husky went down on the Eastern Steppes. It appeared that he came safely out of the spacecraft and emerged as the new Hero of the Sovipaw Union.

After President Douglas A. Kakapo's moving speech last month declaring that FURS will land a furry on the Moon, this news came as a terrible blow. On learning of the Cosmofur achievement today, a stressed Mr. Kakapo immediately called for a tightly closed joint session with Congress to promote a space trip. Many hours later, the President parrot emerged, red eyed, but flapping with the promise that FURS would have their funding to land on the Moon soon.

Outside the Fur House, protesters from Plushies Against Fursuits (PAF) waved paw-written signs, demanding Plushie rights and that money shouldn't be wasted on far out trips while there were Plushies going without stuffing all over the world. PAF has been especially incensed over the incineration during re-entry of the hapless Plushie orbited by the Cosmofurs last month. PAF are planning a Las Vegas convention soon to bring plushies into a more positive light.

First Plushie in Space!

This weekend's stunning news from the Sovipaw Union: Cosmofur bear engineers have placed a Plushie in orbit!!! The furry world is both shocked and amazed.

Said famous Westerfur rocket scientist Werner von Wolfenstein, when told of the technological achievement, "Ferry interestinck! Ve mustn't allow zhere to be a space kraft gap! Ve hope zhe President does schomething about dis qvickly."

After the press conference there were several questions from the media about Wolfenstein's spelling ability, but general agreement that something must be done.

And indeed something has been done. President Kakapo has formed the space agency FURS with the mission to land a fur safely on the Moon with a round trip back to Earth. "No project in our time will be so daring or difficult. We'll have to draw on our best artists. Maybe even commission some suit makers to protect moon walking furs, if we can get them to deliver on time."

A few wags thought the flightless parrot President's program too expensive or at least too ironic, but most padded their resounding applause.

"I will tap Dr. Wolfenstein like a German keg to lead our newly designated Astrofurs to the Moon," concluded Mr. Kakapo.

The wedge issue that seems to have churned Kakapo's decision might be the newly revealed findings of Dr. Russ Limburger, a cultured mouse from MIT, who recently claimed proof that there is cheese on the Moon. The cottage industry of cheese could truly come of age with such a resource.

Meanwhile, the unknown Plushie locked in the Sovipaw capsule continues to change the world, orbiting alone, presumably with no means to return.

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