What is Rainfurrest?

For four years now, Rainfurrest has been proud to bring anthropomorphic arts and entertainment fans from all over the world to America's Pacific Northwest, together in celebration of each other. Rainfurrest educates the furry community in disciplines of art, naturalism and conservationism, and raises money to support Northwestern community causes and animals in need.

This year, our Rainfurrest Cougar mascot has committed us to the goal, before the year is out, of landing a fur on the moon and returning him or her safely to the fandom. You may want to be a part of Flight Director Rainy Cougar's crack FURS (Furry Universe Research in Space) team in Mission Control, a hot-shot Astrofur, or even a Bear Cosmofur hoping to beat us to the lunar landing - let your imagination take you into the world of Furst on the Moon! In addition to making (up) space history, Rainfurrest will also return with all your favorite furry dealers, shows, panels, events and more.

Rainfurrest is an event of Rainfurrest Anthropomorphics International, a non-profit corporation in the state of Washington.

What is the Furry Fandom?

Furry is a term used to describe anthropomorphic animal characters and the community of enthusiasts who celebrate them.

Anthropomorphic animals are best recognized as cartoon animals and mascots of both mythical and realistic origins, with furry fans often using artwork, costumes, written stories, and online role play as some ways of creatively exploring the idea of creating and 'playing' their own characters.

Rainfurrest acts as a channel for fans of the furry fandom to express themselves and enjoy the creative works of others together in a weekend of discussion panels, performances, art shows, gaming, and market place sales all surrounding this unique and open-minded community of fun-loving people from around the world - all to the benefit of worthy furry-related charitable causes in the community.

Rainfurrest Charity

The Rainfurrest 2010 Charity is the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Find out more.

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