Room Party Policy
The difference between a party and a social gathering

Recently, there has been discussion with various hotels about party policies. When the hotel hears the word party, they immediately think of alcohol, drugs and people throwing furniture around the room. To date, we have never personally seen this kind of "Party" at any furry convention.

Typically, what we have seen as parties at furry conventions may consist of groups of artists, and costumers, or people who talk on the same online forums. Sometimes these people have and serve alcohol in the privacy of their room, but in almost all cases, these "parties" are quiet and consist of fairly few people.

To this end we want to have attendees of our events, enjoy themselves and have these kinds of social gatherings, but we would like to have you all refrain from calling them parties. Calling these kinds of social events parties makes the hotels (not just our hotel) nervous about hosting our events.

To be clear, RainFurrest does not sanction parties in rooms, but has no problem nor official part of or role in any social gathering that you would like to host in your own personal room. Parties, in the traditional definition, that are loud, and cause any kind of disruption to other guests of the hotel will be shut down either by Hotel Security or Convention Security. However, since our event doesn't have "parties" of this nature, we are sure that this will remain a non-issue as it has been in the past.

If you're hosting a social gathering

These are the rules that Rainfurrest recommends you abide by in order to make sure that your social gathering doesn't get into trouble with our event staff or the hotel.

  • Keep your room door closed - If you prop the door open, the noise from your room will end up in the hallway, and you will most likely receive a visit from security. Our security staff does routine patrols of the hotel floors and will just give you a happy friendly reminder to keep the door closed.
  • Keep your music at a talking level - Although we have no problem with you enjoying your music, we don't want to see you forcing your music on other guests. If you can easily hold a conversation over your music, then there will be no issues.
  • No illegal anything - Anything that is illegal outside the convention is still illegal within the convention. If anything illegal is discovered or we have any reason to believe that there is something illegal going on, we will immediately discuss the matter with the local authorities and the hotel. Once we have done that we will leave it up to their capable hands.
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