The Rainfurrest staff is proud to announce a few of our major events. We also have a tentative schedule available, which is subject to change. Due to the size of the schedule, we reccomend that it be opened in a new window or tab. You can find the schedule here.

Writers Workshop

Have a 3 day writers workshop: One hour on Friday, two hours on Saturday, and one hour on Sunday.

Friday - Get your art work and a copy of the guidelines for the story.

Saturday - See how things are going, work on editing and bouncing ideas off to people if you have writer's block.

Sunday - Final editing and printing. Reading, judging, the winner will be announced at closing ceremonies. If you don't have a laptop, that is okay. Just make sure your handwriting is very legible and we will type it and get it ready for the program book.

We will provide a picture and you will write a two page short story, using the drawing as your main character and your inspiration. The rating of the stories MUST BE G TO PG! (PG13 - X rated stories will be disqualified!) The best story will be put in next year's Rainfurrest program book.

This is also a workshop for artists. We would like to have some artists do a inked copy (only G to PG art) so we can let the person have variety. The picture will also go in next year's program book so people can see the picture that inspired the story.

The stories that are not chosen for the program book will go back to the writers and they will get to keep the art work.

We will provide a printer there so we can print copies for people.

Second Life Social

This is going to be our first (and hopefully annual) Second Life social event. This will be just a get together so you can hopefully meet in person who you have been chatting within Second Life or get to meet new friends. If you have a badge with your character and if you have a picture you would like to send us, we will be running a digital projector and computer on the wall to show the people who we have. If you have any questions, you can e-mail our Events Director or contact Dusk Goodnight or Dragonfly Goodnight on SL. If you would like to submit a picture, please contact our Events Director, by using the contact us form on the About Rainfurrest page and selecting Director of Events, with a subject of Second Life Social.

Plushie Costume Contest

Remember plushies are people too and they should have fun like the rest at Rainfurrest. We are bringing back the Plushie Costume Contest. Like before, we will have bags of material and you need to bring the sewing materials.

Most if not all cons have a masquerade or cosplay where we get to show off, but our poor plushies sit in the room all alone. We at RainFurrest think our plushie friends should get their time in the spotlight too, so we will be having a Plushie Costume Contest... with a twist.

You have from when you see this notice until Friday, September 18, 2009 at midnight Pacific Time to get registered for the contest. You may register by using the contact us form on the About Rainfurrest page and selecting Director of Events, with a subject of Plushie Costume Contest. Your plushie needs to between 10 inches to 26 inches tall. All animal types are welcome. They will be judged on design, sewing, and how well they fit the plushie. You have until 6:00pm Saturday night (Saturday, September 19, 2009) to have it finished. You will be able to pick up your bag at the con office.

What are we providing?

We are providing you a paper bag with cloth and some other goodies. You just have to grab a bag. You won't know what you're getting so until you open it. Choose well, because after you take the bag, you're stuck with it. Only one bag per person.

What can you use?

Needle, thread, scissors, glue, and pins. That's pretty much what you can use. In order to keep the competition fair, please do not use sewing machines.

We will have entry forms at the con office. To enter, you need to be an attending member of Rainfurrest.

Warning: Our judge knows every piece of clothing that Build A Bear offers, so don't try to use it!

We will have a plushie masquerade before the Variety Show so you can show off your plushie. We will have prizes and the "Best of Show" will win a free membership to Rainfurrest 2010.

Live Model Workshop
This is the first time that this has been done. We will be having a live model for our artists. This workshop will be Friday night and you must be at least 18 years old as well as have ID and be an attending member of Rainfurrest to register. At the time of the panel, you will need to have your ID with you. There will only be 12 slots available, so register quickly! Once the door shuts, there will be no leaving until the hour is up.

You may register by using the contact us form on the About Rainfurrest page and selecting Director of Events, with a subject of Live Model Workshop.

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