The Rainfurrest 2009 Dealers Den is now sold out!
June 23, 2009

If you are a vendor, don't fret! We have established a waiting list. Please continue to follow the normal registration procedure to get a table. However, please do not send in any money until your request is approved and are asked to send in payment.

Dealers Membership

The dealer membership is $80 and provides you with your convention membership and one dealer table 6 feet in length. The convention will happily provide you with up to two Dealer Assistant passes that you can give to any other member of the convention to help you out. Dealer Assistant passes do not cover membership fees; assistants must cover their own con membership costs.

Tax Collection

It's pretty simple:

  • Permanent Business License - If you have a permanent Washington State Business License, then you can just add the sales of your products at RainFurrest to your annual tax reporting and it's easy for everyone.
  • Temporary Tax License - If you apply for a temporary sales permit, then you can follow the directions on that and can report taxes yourself. Please look at the online application form available from the State HERE.

  • Anything on display (visible to people near your table) must be PG-13 rated. This may include the use of stickers in appropriate areas. Other materials may be shown to specific people provided you have checked their badge to ensure they are "Of Legal Age".
  • In the state of Washington, things are considered not PG-13 if:
    • It contains exposed genitalia or representations of genitalia
    • It depicts a sexual act
    • It depicts realistic violence where the victim is shown to be seriously injured.
    • It depicts any other content that, according to State law, makes it unsuitable for younger viewers.
  • Items that are considered completely unacceptable (and will result in meeting with the Con Chair immediately) include items which the possession of, sale of, or the crossing of state boundaries with constitutes a criminal act, e.g. child pornography or bestiality. These items CANNOT be sold or displayed, period.

How to Register
Please Click HERE to start the dealers application process.
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