Con Book Submission Information
Every year Rainfurrest hands out a conbook to every attendee. These books are full of helpful information about the Who's who and what's what of this year's convention! To make it awesome we need submissions from people like you. This is the base of our convention booklets, your participation.
Theme and Content:
Rainfurrest’s theme this year is "Cute Zombie attack". With the nature of the theme being so violent, we must ask that you keep things light-hearted and clean. No artwork or stories with adult or questionable content will be printed. I know it's hard, TRUST ME. Violence in good humor and without any of those gory details should be alright. This will be left to our discretion. If your grandmother wouldn't like it, don't send it to us! Our conbook will be printed in black-and-white, so inked images, and clean sketches are more than welcome. Full colour works will be accepted so long as the grayscale version still looks recognizable.
Deadline for Submissions:
The deadline for submissions to the con book is JUNE 30, 2009. Submissions later than this date will not be accepted, sorry!
How to Format Submissions:
  • Artwork: When sending artwork, please make sure it's suitable for printing. Vector artwork is optimal but not required. (.ai, .pdf, .cdr, and other formats will be converted.) For raster artwork, 300dpi (a size of 2400x3000 pixels) or higher should do fine as that allows for resizing as needed. Lossless formats are preferred (.png is optimal; .gif and .tif are excellent; .jpg will be accepted but should be high quality. In any case, make them grayscale, no dithering!)
  • Text: Prose should be under 2000 words. Nearly any text format will be accepted; We work with OpenOffice as well as Microsoft Office 2007. We prefer the following file formats: .doc, .rtf, .txt, and the like; if you're not sure, save a copy as .rtf and send that.
Where to Send Submissions:
Please send your con book submissions or questions about such to Our Conbook Staff Contact us Page from an e-mail address at which we can reach you. When submitting, please remember to include the name you wish printed as the credit for the piece, as well as link or e-mail if you'd like to be contacted by people interested in your artwork.
Your artwork will not be sold or used in any other way without your express permission. You retain all rights and ownership of your work. By submitting your artwork and stories to us, you agree to allow Rainfurrest to print your work in the con book or other convention publications. Also, Keep in mind, not all submissions will be printed. We retain the right to refuse submissions for any reason, at our discretion.
Ad Space
Ad Space in the conbook is available on a first come first served basis. We have limited space in our book and are offering our space at the prices below.
  • Quarter Page $25
  • Half Page $50
  • Full Page $100
  • Full Page Color Ad $150 - (Only two will be Available)
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