Art Show
Reserving Art Show Space

We have now begun accepting reservations for art show panels for Rainfurrest 2009. Click here for the application.

Art show panels will be $10 each. Our panels are approximately 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall; they are pegboards and we will be providing hardware such as hooks and clips for hanging your art on the panels. There will also be an additional 10% commission fee on all sales in the art show.

Art Show Requirements

All artists who wish to display their work in the Rainfurrest art show are required to be registered Attending or Supporting Members.

If you will not be attending the convention, but will be sending your art to be placed in our show by an agent, we will allow it given explicit permission by you prior to the convention. You will be required to be a registered Supporting Member (or higher) and your agent will be required to be a registered Attending Member (or higher) as well. Agents will hang your art in your stead and manage all business transactions in your place, so please do not appoint someone whom you do not thoroughly trust to account for your business.

Mail-In Submissions

We will be accepting a very limited number of mail-in artists - Contact Us to see if there are still slots available.

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