Masquerade Information.

The Masquerade/Variety Show this year is open to ALL furry acts. Costumes or fursuits are NOT required! All performances must relate in some way to furry or the fandom, but short skits, filk, puppetry, or other acts will be allowed as well. Fursuiters and their skits are also welcome, of course. If you have a suit you want to show off or a furry-related act, feel free to sign up.

Rules and Signup.

The RainFurrest 1 Masquerade/Variety Show is scheduled for 8 PM on Saturday, September 27. The Masquerade Rehearsal is scheduled to begin at 12 PM (noon) that day. It's a little early, we know, but that's how the schedule worked out. Please apply to the show before the Rehearsal ends - and preferably before it begins.

We request that acts run no longer than 3 to 4 minutes, max. We can accept pre-recorded music or voiceovers in CD format, as well as mp3 and wav files. Other recording types may or may not be supported; please use one of those three to be sure we can use it. >All acts and music must be appropriate for all ages and Prizes WILL be awarded for interesting acts.

RainFurrest is accepting pre-applications for acts. If you wish to perform in the Masquerade/Variety Show, please email Xodiac at with, at a minimum, the name and contact information of the person in charge of the act.

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