Our Guests of Honor
Artist Guest of Honor

This year, we are proud to announce that our Guest of honor is Werepuppy!

Werepuppy is a artist from the pacific northwest who has affected the fandom in a positive nature. His skill and talent lead us to belive that he is worthy of the position of honor that we are happy to bestow him with.

His website has a good deal of the artwork that he has done and information on where to get commissions and information about him.

Writer Guest of Honor

We would like to hear your suggestions on who a good writer guest of honor would be. We are looking for a exceptional writer who has positively affected the furry fandom, and preferably someone who lives in the pacific northwest region.

Fursuit Guest of Honor

We would like to hear your suggestions on who a good Fursuit guest of honor would be.

Fandom Guest of Honor

We would like to hear your suggestions on who a good Fandom guest of honor would be.

Special Guests

    Special guests to this event include: Chris Sawyer, and others to be announced soon.

What are Guests Of honor

    RainFurrest each year chooses to honor several people from different walks of the furry fandom. These people have done commendable things in order to deserve the fandom.s honor in this manner. We have five different categories to honor different people from the fandom.

  • Artist Guest Of Honor - The artist guest of honor is a furry artists who has shown themselves to be of great skill and talent but whom has not received the recognition that the convention committee feel they should for doing the wonderful work that they have done. We hope that by honoring these artists they will grow from being a unknown fledgling artist to a well known artist in the furry fandom.
  • Writer Guest of Honor - The writer guest of honor is someone who has written some kind of book or novel on or about furries and the furry fandom. These artists may not necessarily be a furry themselves but have produced some kind of material that the furry fandom in general enjoys and should enjoy. We hope that by bringing these people in to the convention, they may continue their work and writings.
  • Fursuit Guest of Honor - The fursuit guest of honor is perhaps poorly worded. This does not mean that we are looking to honor a particular fursuit, but instead that we want to honor someone in the area of fursuits and fursiting. The fursuit guest of honor is a person who has either made or contributed to the costuming side of the fandom in such a manner that they deserve to be commended by their actions. Something they have done has made them noteworthy in this way and thus deserve to be honored. Be them either a costume wearer, or builder, or performer.
  • Fandom Guest of Honor - This is the final guest of honor position available at RainFurrest. This spot was created for all those who deserve to be honored but that do not fit into any of the artist, writer, or costumer field. These people have done something good for the furry fandom and deserve our honor. They could be a webmaster, or the inventor of a particularly popular furry software, or anyone who has done anything great for the fandom that wasn't art, costuming, or writing.
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