Events & Scheduling

Because the format of the event grid is usually wide, please note that we're keeping the event grid on a separate page for now.

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Scheduled Events

Please keep in mind, events listed on this page may be subject to change at any time before the con.

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Volunteering for Events

Currently we are looking for people to host panels and events of all types. Do you have a special talent for art, writing, or making fursuits? Is there a technique you'd like to show others? Would you be interested in holding a discussion panel on a furry topic? Or would you like to help with an existing event at the convention? Then come be a part of the fun, and volunteer now!

If you would like to host a panel or help with a special event, please visit our Volunteer Page and fill out the form with your name, a brief description of what type of panel or event you would like to host (or help with), and a reliable way to contact you.

Suggesting Events

Do you have a great idea for an event or panel, but you either don't know enough about it to host, or just don't want to host it? Well, let us know, and if we like the idea, we'll try to find someone to host it. We want to know what our attendees want out of our panel tracks, so if you have an idea that's not on this page, visit our Contact Us Page and tell us about it.

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