Dealers' Den
Priority Entry to the Dealers Den

One of the things we are doing this year with Dealers Den is to set up a special priority entry to the Dealers Den for our patron members. The way that this will work is that when Dealers Den opens in the morning, the first three minutes will be only for patrons. This is specifically designed so that patrons can go to their favorite dealers before anyone else and be first in line, while at the same time not giving the patrons enough time to buy out the Dealers Den before anyone else gets the chance. We chose three minutes because we didn't want the dealers' sales to be adversely affected.

List of Dealers.

Our Dealers Den is now full, so without further adeiu, our list of Dealers...

Alexander Adams

Art By Diana Vick

Art Of Wicked Sairah & Balaa

Big & Little Wolf Arts

Con Store

Endless Summer Studios

Jarlidium Press

Jirris Midvale


Moon Cat Arts



Ozy & Millie

Savannah Horrocks Illustration


Swanky Image

Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project

The Furducers

Washington Ferret Rescue

Water Dreams Productions

Were Puppy

White Rose Creations

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