Ad Space
Ad Space in the conbook is available on a first come first served basis. We have limited space in our book and are offering our space at the prices below.
  • Quarter Page $15
  • Half Page $20
  • Full Page $40
  • There are two color full page ad spaces at the price of $50
Submission Guideline
Submissions must be PG-13 or less in rating.
  • No:
    • Nudity,
    • Weapons being used in a forceful or threatening manner or;
    • Foul language
  • Artwork Submissions must follow these guidelines
    • Adhere to the PG-13 rule
    • Be of at least 300dpi
    • Preferably in grayscale
    • In JPEG, PNG, TIF or PSD format
  • Written Submissions must submit to the following guidelines
    • Between 500 and 3000 words
    • Checked for grammar and spelling errors
    • Written in an educated and thoughtful manner
    • In a Microsoft word format (.doc, .rtf)
Submission Deadline

Submissions for inclusion in the conbook are due JULY 31st 2008

Click here to submit your content for conbook, pocket program or any other convention publication.

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